My progress with GAD and GOD

I haven't found GOD until GAD found me. I was so busy with life; if I am not in the office I am out there SCUBA diving, Snorkeling, food trippin, and etc. I don't have time to pray, I don't even have God inside my heart, in fact I feel nothing since all I am using is only my mind; busy thingking about, my work, budgeting, next travel; I go anywhere except church. If I solved a problem, all I praised is my self. I remember the time when someone told, you need to seek God in case you'll reach your very down moment in your life that no person could ever help you but only the man upstairs; well I just ignore it, since I'm too busy to absorb about what is she talking about; then my anxiety hit me again out from nowhere, I thought I can just easily cope with it all by myself, just by smoking and waiting for 2 days to recover, but it was way more severe than I have expected, I can't even ease the hot flashes thru smoking continuously; By then I realized it is not something like what happened before, it was so severe that I couldn't eat, sleep, and my head was so foggy. Then I went to visit the hospital to conduct different laboratory tests, all were negative. Then the time came I realized I am not gonna deny it to myself that I really need to visit a psychologist because I am thinking different stuff like I'm so tired with this life, am I crazy? I feel so anxious that what if I cannot get my life back to normal. Then I met GAD(Diagnosis), then few days, I met GOD too. It is just so sad that I need to meet GAD first before I met GOD, but I know he is forgiving, that he really love all of us. Now I started to read the bible and a lot of books about God, I struggle a lot upon knowing him, since my heart is empty ever since when I was still a kid, now I am on my 22 days of knowing GOD and GAD, it is so difficult since everyday I am missing my old life, my interest in life to be specific. It just amazing how God really finds his way for us to know him, now I am starting to know him and starting to trust him with all my GAD challenges, although I cannot deny I am still confuse on how to know if God is already inside my heart, since I feel so empty. I already surrender my GAD to GOD, I have the courage not to give up with my life. I will just continue to believe and pray. My faith is really helping me to control some of my attacks, although sometimes I really can't fight it, but at least slowly GOD is helping me to overcome my GAD attacks. I just wanna share my story, maybe it is really never too late for us to know GOD. God bless us.


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  • NemoAbella, what a powerful story. Thank you so much for sharing. GAD and GOD, one letter difference, a coincidence, I don't think so... Keep strong, keep the faith, you will succeed.

  • Thanks Agora...I will! :) Lets just smile and be strong for our love ones :) God bless you

  • Z AZ

  • So sorry about previous on phone and it swivels and sends without me having allowed.....just wanted to encourage you to press into God....Jesus promised never to leave us or forsake us. He is faithful. hard to kept remembering. ..but we can encourage one another. ..I still forget and panic too. ..He promises peace to all who keep their thoughts on Him....dear Jesus be our peace today we ask....bless Nemo Abella.....🌹

  • Thank you Ellio :) God Bless you too. We can do this thru Christ :) He will never give us problems or challenges that we cannot handle, I'm sure this is just a test of faith, I am surrendering everything to him. God Bless you Ellio :) Stay Positive :)

  • Dear Nemo please don't lose me... I don't know how to find you... and don't know how to find my way around. ...I need to follow you so I can stay in touch....

  • Thank you for sharing . This is beautiful and very positive of you . God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers . Keep strong and keep up with the faith.

  • Thanks May04 :) I'm starting to fully accept his new gift(GAD) I know God had good purpose for everything. God Bless us :)

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