Massive BP Spike out of the blue

Ok I have had this before but when my anxiety is present and heart rate up . But this arvo was totally different . I worked until 1.30 pm came home did some chores etc . Sat to look at my iPad after a while I stood up and felt dizzy and really off balance , when I looked down it was worse even bending . Went and fed the horses and nearly fell over bending to get hay . Came in side and checked my bp it was 203/97 I felt really strange , headache and my vision went really smokey . But the weird thing is that my heart rate was as low as 60 ? So I feel this def was not a panic attack .......well I think . After about hour and half if started to come down and went as low as 100/71 ? Now I'm feeling very tired and drained . I did take .5 mg of xanax . Any thought please ??


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  • Dud you have plenty of fluids during the day jodz

  • Yes I drink a lot of water . Just don't know why and very scary susannaylor

  • Hello jodz how are you feeling now x

  • Hi susannaylor I have felt average all week . Went to Drs and they did a blood test . I also are having a 24 hr heart monitor put on next Tuesday . I have been really worried about it though

  • What are you worried about having a heart monitor on x I had to have a blood test and 24 hr monitor on last year for what you and I were going through x mine came back all ok which most probably yours will as well x all anxiety Jodz x when you have monitor in just go about your daily routine don't worry about it I know it's easy to say cause I am a worrier as well but do your breathing exercises when your feeling a bit stressed x

  • Susannaylor I'm not concerned about heart monitor as had one on years ago . It's just the bp spikes that really scare me. Well I got my blood results back and my potassium is below the desired level . And after speaking to the dr and then I googled all about it , it's ticking many boxes for me as in symptoms .

  • Hey! Yup! Same here. My biggest prob was that I don't experience the panic with anxiety attacks, just the other physical symptoms and my BP get over 210/103 sometimes. Nothing to worry about, it's too intermittent. It goes back down.

  • Rockster 321 can I ask how does if effect you ?

  • Yup, this is where I started to understand the difference between anxiety and panic attacks. I would feel dizzy and off. I've gotten occular migraines from the stress of it as well too. One time I walked into my office, drenched in sweat and looked up to see that a good portion of the vision in my left eye was gone. Black hole surrounded by what looked like lightning. It's unsettling, but it's all literally just anxiety. I went to the hospital and sure enough, I'll let you fill in what the results were lol. My HR usually never rises high, but sometimes it will be stuck on like 120 just from walking or doing nothing at all. Thank God I don't really experience this anymore, but I did for a couple years and it really took all the power I gave it. I got into a dark place where I didn't care if I died because I certainly wasn't living and that pushed me through it and now I'm working on continuing positive thinking. One truth that's helped me a lot is that God holds the breath and life of everything in His hands. Nothing can take you sooner or later than your time. So while things are scary, they're not life threatening and when you realize they're not life threatening, they become less scary.

  • I def have days that I'm in tears and want it all to end as the anxiety is so bad . Days when I can't breath , stand , walk , drive and go shopping . Hate it

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