Anxiety attacks out of the blue or could it be hypoglycemia

I ate lunch today around 11:30 and then nothing again until 3:40. After lunch I had espresso and went for a walk with my daughter. I was also talking on the phone with a client when all of a sudden my legs felt shaky and then my arms .. I felt myself trying to deep breathe but I got so shaky and confused. I got home and ate a small granola bar and felt better - by this time it was 6:20. Is that too short of a time to experience those symptoms from hypoglycemia?

I recently started to get panic disorder followed by positional vertigo after my second child


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  • Hi Sacolucci, you know dear it's not only the time in between meals causing a sugar low but it's what we consume in between. The thing that stands out with your afternoon was having an espresso, which is caffeine loaded as well as not eating. Talking with a client on the phone, I could bet you were shallow breathing with the coffee playing it's part as well as just the excitement of talking. It most likely led to your symptoms which then caused an anxiety attack. Having had a granola bar and you felt better stabilized you.

  • Thank you. I used to get panic attacks in my teens and they went away with counselling. I had my second child a year ago and from day 2 of that birth the attacks are back. I also got bppv which is now gone but my brain still thinks I'm dizzy ... I get so much anxiety from this all I feel is off balance 24/7. I still get anxiety Attacks now and I don't know what to do. The neurologist said it was migraines but I realize the migraines are tension headaches from 4-5 hours straight on a lap top as I am self employed.

    Im not sure anymore either. I feel so depressed that I have brain fog and can't stop having these attacks. I also feel very sensitive to noise and often find myself confused

  • Have you been diagnosed as diabetic, either Type 1 or Type 2? If so then the next obvious question would be what kind of management do you employ to keep your diabetes under control? People who are not diabetic can deal with food and drink without any problem although if you take caffeine either in the form of coffee or in certain foodstuffs on a regular basis then over time your body becomes addicted to the stuff and any length of time without it can cause the problems you mention. I can recall that once my ex-wife rang me from work saying that she would be coming home because she felt a little peculiar, light-headed, dizzy, unable to coordinate her body movements in any meaningful way and I asked her how long she had been without a coffee and she said almost two hours. I told her to have a drink of coffee before deciding whether or not to come home. She did so and a half hour later she rang me again to say that she felt completely fine. The joys of coffee - I wouldn't touch the stuff with the proverbial barge pole!

  • I don't have diabetes to my knowledge. I just start to see shaky if I don't eat within a certain time. Like intense jello legs and arms. Of course the panic kicks in also. Yesterday I ate something 2 hours before and that seems like a relatively short time to experience a hypoglycaemia reaction. But I did feel better after I ate... I was scared of something neurological but challenging with facts I would say it wouldn't go away that fast if it were

  • It may be advisable for you to be tested for diabetes (the finger prick test) because the symptoms you describe are all significant factors in the development of diabetes. Do you take any medication for your anxiety or for anything else because sometimes certain medications can in themselves mimic the symptoms of diabetes? Anyhow, I wish you well.


  • Sounds like me as I don't think we are eating enough throughout the day. Do you have health anxiety? I also suffer panic attacks and positional vertigo :(

  • Unfortunately I am a victim of extreme health anxiety so when I got positional vertigo I was devastated. Even though it's now gone I just feel dizzy all the time. I read dr sarno's book, and TMS or in my case vertigo is because of repressed emotions. I can't get over Heath anxiety. Yesterday, for example, I went into a panic thinking I had ms or something and was having an ms type attack

  • Yeah I'm like that as I get a pain in my stomach and I think it's stomach cancer or something bad. It just ruins your life when it comes on so bad.

  • I Have Low Blood Sugar Attacks Alot. I am not diabetic. WHEN I just eat carbs. I get so shaky. I feel better when I eat. My doctor says to eat more protein

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