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Dizziness for a month

I've been having such a hard time lately. It all started when one day I got a little bit off balance and my limbs felt heavy and I became obsessed with it. Every since then I've been dizzy and off balance every single day where I can barely walk or do anything also accompanied with ringing in my ears. I have severe health anxiety and I'm bipolar. I've had multiple EKGs, lots of blood work, lithium levels tested, my ears looked at, nothing. I feel like this is something greater than anxiety because it's been going on for so long and it's been so severe. I've started to take multi vitamins because I feel that I may be difficient in something. I'm just scared because I feel like I could faint at any minute and that I will never regain consciousness. My psychiatrist thinks it's all anxiety and the doctors don't know what else to test me for. I've been to the er four times since ive felt this way. I feel like I've hit a dead end and I need some help. It's so exhausting

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Do you feel the room is spinning or not? Do you have the feeling everyday or occasionally?


No I don't feel the room is spinning I just feel off balance and my legs feel like jelly


I have been dizzy for 4 months now. I haven't found the cause yet. I feel like it is a lot worse when I go to the stores. I am taking Anxity medicine now but it didn't help at all. I don't think it's Anxity from the beginning, but doctor wants to give me the medicine to try.


maybe you have vertigo, I had it and it make's you feel just what you are saying. There is medicine for it. You feel like you are drunk and don't want to go out.

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I often feel like I'm on a boat or am wearing glasses with the wrong prescription.  I have both cervical spine and vestibular problems.  Have they looked at your neck?


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