Split second dizziness

Hi all,

I suffer from anxiety. It has gotten much better as I force myself to do things that I dread and rather not do.

What I am wondering is if anyone gets this next symptom of anxiety (if that's what it even is).

I was looking down at my phone while sitting and I got this split second pulse/jerk/dizzy sensation in my head. Feels like a push on my head. I feel like a visually black out for a split second (I don't actually black out). Iv had this in the past but this time it was very bad as I threw my arms out as if I was falling (but i wasn't). I have had this before same circumstance with looking down at phone while sitting or laying down.

I am wondering if this is a symptom of anxiety or maybe vertigo? It's very scary and so many thoughts are racing through my mind

All of this literally happens in a second. needless to say my anxiety is through the roof now thinking its brain tumor (standard anxiety fear LOL)



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13 Replies

  • TMM182, I've never heard anyone else explain this feeling so accurately. Yes, I have gotten this many times over the years. It is one of the most frightening and helpless feelings I've ever experienced. Sitting at the computer or table and feeling this split second rush go through your head like a black out. Arms extended to try and catch yourself. I have never gotten an answer that satisfied me which doctors said could be a sudden drop in blood pressure. I don't really buy it. I do know that my blood pressure zooms up pretty high after the fact (which is normal with fear). It shakes me up so much that you can't do anything in that split second to avoid it. Leaving you worn and scared after is when I use meditation and deep breathing to try and restore my confidence that I will be okay. My thoughts on this is that it is coming both from the back of the head and ear muscles being extremely tight from anxiety. All of a sudden there must be a release of the spasm causing this rush of blood in the head for a second. I've had my share of MRIs and CT scan, results anxiety. Hope this helps.

  • This sounds like a blood pressure problem to me having suffered from fluctuations in blood pressure myself for quite some time now. I would visit your GP or walk in centre (if you can find one, that is !) to have your blood pressure checked. Since it is a problem for me and since I need blood pressure readings to present to the consultant at the end of each month because I am diabetic, I invested in a blood pressure monitor from Llyods chemists. It cost £25 which is not a fortune to give peace of mind. It is exactly the same model both my GP and consultant use and they both applauded my investment for that is what it is.

  • You described that so well! I always say it feels like someone tips the room really fast. And it always happens to me when I'm sitting doing something. I've never had this happen when I'm standing. So I'm wondering if it's an inner ear thing? It does make me instantly panic though. I hate it.

  • thats what my mom believes it may be too....only happens when I am laying down, or sitting down looking down or at a computer screen.

  • Yes this happens to me too!!! 😁

  • Yes! Me too.

  • I get it often too. Sounds like I'm not alone.

  • I know this is an older post, but it was nice to see that I am not alone. this symptom doesnt really set off a panic attack like it used to, but still wonder what causes it. I feel like it comes from tight neck muscles. I notice it more when I my neck is really stiff and tight. Always when looking down and reading my phone, on my laptop, or lying in bed and trying to look at something.

    Has anyone gotten any answers or are you just living with it? I have to mention that I have had this for years now.

  • I get those too and yes it is just a split second. I am not really worried about it except for when it happens when I am driving. It feels like I am going to lose control of the car, which I never have, never leave the lane either, but still a bit scary having a car load full of kids. My doctor thinks it is Benign Positional Vertigo, and given me a you tub video to watch that shows the Epley maneuver and how to do that. Apparently there is a little crystal in my inner ear that moves and makes my brain think I am moving when I am not..... I tried the epley maneuver today, so hope that did it and my dizziness is gone. Can't say for sure unless it keeps on happening, then I know the maneuver did not do its trick.

  • This happens to me about 20 times s day for no reason, just split second dizziness no matter if I'm anxious about anything that moment, happens if I'm sitting or standing

  • Have you ever been to the dr about it? It's been happening more often to me and once it happens, even thought it's literally a split second I then start having awful anxiety. I keep thinking it's a brain tumor (I have horrible health anxiety) or something serious.

  • I get this too, feels like a rush of adrenaline, like you are about to spin

  • I've been having something similar to this the past 4 days. My anxiety was at its worst normally around that time of the month. I thought it was due to changing meds and anxiety. It's unnerving bc I think what's causing this and why is his happening thankfully it's seemed to claim down some

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