Dizziness tierd cnt stand for to long weak legs no energy just fill like im dien

Im 22 years old I ben haven really really bad dizziness and vertigo off balance bk of head hurts eyes fill wierd thrown me off to fill more dizzy bk hurts a lot middle of stomach always hurts fill like body fill like goin to give out on me ben to the ER a hand load of times did ct scan on head and blood work they told was fine cent me home I ben dealing with anxiety cents 2011 can any one plZ help me out does any one else have this


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  • I feel like I'M dying everyday 2 ur not alone

  • Just sucks I cnt even get out of my home Cuz I fill so sick like my bodybjust goin to give out on me

  • Hi, it's not nice, I've had the lot, do you find that even a thought can bring on sudden symptoms, the dizziness I've had for years, also have you had your balance checked, have you been to the ear nose throat doc? Just to rule out ear wax or water in the ear??? Hope u feel better soon

  • Yes I have the same things going on with me

  • I'm so sorry this is happening to you but yes I feel this way 24/7! Unfortunately its been seven months with the dizzy, feel like I can't walk or even stand right... the best thing you can do is get all other health problems ruled out to give your mind some comfort... anxiety is a terribly powerful thing that just seems to exaggerate itself no matter how hard we try to turn it off... see a doc and don't put it off like I did for eight long years. get well soon and know you're not alone!!

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