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I'm not crazy

I'm so desperate for answers for what I'm dealing with. About a month ago, I turned around while sleeping and all of a sudden felt super dizzy. I got up and became super dizzy the room was spinning and I was telling my fiancé that I was dizzy. I tried going to the restroom and could barely make it. I could barely move without feeling dizzy and made nauseous. I decided to go to the ER but not before throwing up. I felt a little better by the time I got to the hospital but not 100%. They took some blood test and urine test and nothing came back. They gave me fluids and told me they think I had benign vertigo. So they told me it would go away after a few days. After a month the feelings never went away. I'm woozy and feel detached everyday. I feel like death all the time but find that laying down helps some but some days are worse than others and the worst days laying down doesn't even seem to help. I get chest pressure and heart palpitations with anxiety attacks at times making it worse. My PD told me he believes it's my anxiety and suggested an antidepressant and counseling. I know I'm not crazy and I believe something is wrong but no one knows what. I went to the ER again last week and they scanned my head and lungs and nothing came back. They took more blood and urine and still nothing came back. I don't know what's wrong and it's killing me because I can barely function. I feel like I'm dying everyday and I honestly feel like I may be like this forever. During my last ER visit they prescribed me medicine for vertigo but it doesn't really help and I also tried other medicine for dizzyness and that also doesn't help. I found people on this site that are dealing with similar things and they to said doctors don't know what's going on and shrugged it off as anxiety. Is any one else going through this ? I feel dizzy, loopy, lightheaded, detached from reality like everything's fake or a dream of some sort. I'm really scared and wish I could get back to myself.

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My workmate had BPPV it was awful for her but gradually got better (but over months, NOT days and the meds did virtually nothing for her either) and there are exercises you can do for it (called the Epley Maneuver). It sounds like experiencing vertigo may be making you anxious would make anyone anxious! This sounds SO MUCH like what she went through. So don't write off the vertigo diagnosis.

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Maybe it's low or unbalanced adrenal hormones.

Check out Adrenal symptoms;

An Adrenal Saliva Stress Test could reveal more about the essential hormone cortisol, which helps you control stress & anxiety.


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