I feel like I'm going crazy...

Hello guys. I'm a 20 year old female new to this website. I've been suffering with anxiety for 5+ years and it's been changing a lot.. I know that theres physically nothing wrong with me but I'm just scared of anything. There's a lot of stress happening in my family now which I'm trying to hold on too and be as strong as possible. I've missed a lot of college days because of this and I feel deas guilty for it. I just always feel that there's something not right.I dont want to take any meds I just want to learn how to help myself and become positive..I've been able to control my anxiety a bit but it's not always so easy as it sounds.. Can anyone give me any sort of advise? 


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  • Have you tried Counseling? Ask your GP to be referred. 

  • Sadly theres not much anxiety treatment in my city or country even.. I'm trying my best to help myself

  • Yes thats what i was told when i was your age. Basically you have to repeat over and over again that it leads to avoidance and difficulty in coping with everyday life, as these will be the criteria that they use to judge whether or not you should be referred.

  • Try relaxation there's lots of 5 min meditation apps! Deep breaths also help and telling yourself everything is fine! You have to do the 5 min meditation everyday. I also find excercise is the only way to get rid of anxiety completely 

  • Might be my problem that I used to work out a lot and now I've let myself become lazy. I did yoga yesterday and I'll do some today. It's just scary because I feel very alone in this situation. 

  • Hi Zimri get yourself onto u tube look up self confidence affirmations and also self esteem I find these very helpful and the 15min mediation videos do what u feel comfortable with at your own pace get yourself into routine good luck. 

  • Excercise helps big time 

  • I am very sorry you feel alone. It is a hard feeling. Congrats for reaching out to this group.

  • Yes I'm going to start working out today again :)

  • Remember, working out is helpful but is not a "cure". The best thing to do is work out when you want to, but not to be hard on yourself when you don't.

  • Anxiety is a horrible thing to go through, its like no matter what you research or tell yourself its always there. I have had to deal with it for 7yrs and it got easier because i took medication but now after a trip to the ER that im pretty sure traumatized me its back with full force.

    Try colouring! I have a few colouring books and it does relax you because your focused on something else. I cant seem to get myself to colour because all I want to do is lay in bed because i get this lightheaded dizzy feeling. 

    Hope you feel better. This is something we all struggle with and we are all here to help :) 

  • I've been taking xanax but I've stopped since I don't like that sort of medication.. It makes me feel more anxious than helping me. And I'll try the colouring And I believe I'll get better just annoying to deal with it :(

  • Its annoying to deal with I agree, do you have a support team behind you? Like a spouse or parents. Sometimes that helps to talk to them. My aunt has anxiety & panic so she knows how im feeling. Its always good to have people to comfort you. I can wake my spouse up 20 times and every time he comforts me. I just hate how you get so dependant on someone to where you can be alone.  I been on paxil for 7yrs and its helped me, just until recently which i think thats caused to the trip to the ER. 

  • My mother is a huge support for me so are my friends and I've dealt with a bad break up so after that I feel like a huge mess :/

  • Its always good to have support behind you! 

    Hope everything gets easier for you! 😊

  • Have you seen doc about lightheaded problem . Could be your BP, inner ear problems, etc . 

  • What do you mean by "I feel like I'm going crazy?"  A lot of us can relate but have different "crazy" feelings.

  • I always feel that something is wrong not with me but overall what's going around me. I feel like I'm never happy and I'm scared to go out anywhere..

  • If you know what is making you unhappy, that would be a good place to start. There are some things we have no control over and worrying about it doesn't help.  Why are you afraid to go out?  I am in my sixties and has been battling with anxiety for about three years.  However, I know that my symptoms are just that and that I am not going crazy.  When I am focus on something else, I am not thinking of myself and not aware of my "going crazy" feelings.  I am up instead of sleeping because I drank coffee at bible study...now I can't sleep.  But I am going to lie down in a couple of minutes. 

  • I think I'm mainly scared to go out because I had a massive panic attack while being out. I know all these things I'm feeling is all in my head but convincing myself it's anxiety and not some heart disease or so is extremely hard. I don't want to take any sort of medication.

  • Compassion for yourself is very important. Whatever you do, you are a wonderful person even if you don't feel it.

  • See a good therapist. Sometimes google help with anxiety might help.  Please try to get some sleep.  Hope you feel better soon. We'll talk again. Good night, Zimri.

  • There's not a lot of good therapists here :( good night I hope we so

  • Needs to be running machine, cross trainer and stuff like that! For over 40 mins if you can. Relaxation good too! I have to run 3 times a week and do 5 mins rekaxation pretty much everyday. Keeps the anxiety at bay.  

  • I think I get scared when I work out because my head starts to feel weird and such not weird just hurts

  • Breath through the panic attacks and they will go! I still get them in large groups!! Horrible feeling but cos I've had so many can deal with them now 

  • I know this is silly but when I'm very anxious I start playing Super Mario bros on my DSI, or reading on my iPad, also reading a gossip celebrity magazine helps me. I think reading about these celebrity gossip stories helps me not think about my situations aha! I hope you get better. Take it Day by Day. <3

  • I usually try to play heroes of the storm or hearthstone but now since my PC broke down I don't have much to do :( and I'm trying my best to calm myself down.

  • Have you tried going on a walk and getting some air. Fresh air can do a lot. I try to walk instill i get tired and then take a nap.

  • That's the bad part that I'm often scared to go out even with my parents :(

  • Again, I wish you could see a counselor, a minister or anyone you could share your problems with.

  • Do you have a garden? I'm hoping you can find ways of getting outside of the house and being outdoors. If you can't then your GP has got to give you a referral on that basis alone.

  • You sound very grounded, anxiety is truly awful and can bring on a mountain of symptoms.  Our personal makeup can be a cause of why we become anxious, as advised by colleagues on the site, do exercise, meditation, fill your mind with positive things and eventually it will pass maybe not completely but you will be able to function.  I wish you well, you have family support which is crucial and you have your whole life ahead of you. Be strong be happy and go out and conquer this,I know you will do it 😊😊😊😊👍👍 xx

  • Thank you so much I'll try my best and continue to fight with anxiety <3

  • as an anxiety sufferer. I can only wish you luck. I read books on it, I have watched videos. I do breathing exercises, j go to the gym. Sometimes I find it hard to keep up with an already racing heart.I take xanax when it is really bad. And I come here but mostly I pray and I wait for it to go away. Sometimes it may be a couple of hours or a couple of days, but it will go away.

  • Hi i know what you're going through i don't take medication for my anxiety nether here's mt advice to you learn how to do deep breathing in though you're nose and out though you're mouth i do it every time i feel stressed or an anxiety attack coming it works try it but don't do it really fast because you'll feel worse like your going to pass out good luck have a good day 

  • Why don't you try saint johns wort  it has little to no side affects and the people it helps it seems to greatly improve there life. 

  • Only for mild symptoms, and scientific tests have been done with very little evidence to back up st johns wort.

  • There are some brilliant 10 minute meditations on youtube for anxiety-they have helped me a lot and I can strongly recommend Positive Magazine's 10 minute meditations.

  • Eat healthy & avoid night shade food if you're having trouble sleeping also. I really recommend that you buy this online vitasprings.com/ystress-anx... 

    I'm the same way about taking meds I don't ever want to. The link I sent you is for a powder you put in your drink it's all natural and it helped me a lot 

  • Thank you so much it helps so much knowing I'm not alone and that there are people like me <3

  • waste of money

  • Yes I totally understand I suffer with Panic and Anxiety disorder. I've been disabled from it for years. I'm taking Xanax 3 times a day and Doxipin for sleep.

        My suggestion is remove all stressor Family can be toxic you'll learn that later in life. Maybe you need to be alone more time to yourself.

            School can be very stressful I've had to remove anything that stresses me out. I'm not sure what your Majoring in.

    That's a wonderful thing. Hope you enjoy it. My suggestion may not be your answers.

             When I was 25 I made sure I got on Sec 8 housing .Filed Social Security Disability. I was having severe Panic attacks. Feel like a wound up clock ready to explode. I enjoy my Rock N Roll music that makes me happy Pop Music I sing.

    I try to avoid all stress. My life is different

    With anxiety you will find through out the years it changes your different everyday. Maybe not I've experienced a lot of hospital visits thinking I'm sick Fatique feeling .Walked out many times nothing wrong. Anxiety disorder is hard to deal with. I know. Always wanted to help others I know the problem well. Remove all stressors OK  C-L Rose

  • Your family are there to support and help you through and tell you that they understand. There can be some family situations that people should get out of, but I imagine that these might be quite extreme cases.

  • What country are you in? They don't have counselors? Anxiety is very tricky because it has a mind of its own! We don't usually know exactly where it is coming from but try to control it, which makes it worse. The best thing is learning to "watch" it, like a meditation, also not always easy. Even more important is to be kind to yourself. Anxiety gets worse when I blame myself for not overcoming it. Even if you have it for several years, there may some issue either in your teenage years or younger which caused you to become anxious. Meds. are not bad unless misused. It might not be a bad idea to at least to see your physician.

  • Zimri,  if you have an infection, you take antibodics, if you have athsma, you use an inhaler.  There are medications that can help with your anxiety.  Why would you not take something if your quality of life could be improved ?  You have been trying to handle it yourself and that is not working.  You need to make a doctors appt. and find out what your options are . 

  • Most of the medications I took made my anxiety worse than actually improving my life. I have health anxiety due to a bad past. Anxiety and asthma are two different things from asthma if you don't take your medication you can actually die. I'm only 20 and I don't want to sit on pills like that eventually they won't be able to have the same affect on me and then what? Stronger pills because those don't work anymore. 

  • Sounds like you need to get help resolving your past.  Hopefully you no longer are in your past, just need to let go of the past ?  I have found the more I talk to God, asking for His peace , the better I am 😘

  • Usually I would recommend medication, but where anxiety is caused by past trauma, then CBT or counselling may be more effective. However, I do feel that I personally would have gotten on with my life better if I had started medication earlier on. There is often the assumption that with the non medicative approach, you may have to pay for it yourself, if your GP can't get you referred. But be careful what you therapy you select - some of the methods are highly theoretical and dubious. It may help research what therapies are actually effect (E.g. CBT is sometime considered to be one of the effective ones).

  • Try Charles lindon program


  • I'm not paying money to go on a program that tells me to keep busy. Its good advice if you can keep busy as it can take your mind of things, and I would add that exercise is probably a beneficial way of doing it as it helps the brain feel happy too. But this Lindon program looks like a big con.

  • Aww love i feel ur pain every little thing u get u think Into it so much I've had it for 2 years but was doin really good until recently I started concentrating on my breathing so much I went out a walk last nyt I thought I was goin to pass out with all the breaths I was taken ! Today I've been so exhausted head feelin tight and jaw aching with pain I no its prob stress  but in ur deepest thoughts u think some thin terrible is wrong ... I went off anxiety pills thinkin I was fine and did handle it . Am only 26 thats y i didn't want to take them ! Am goin back on them again wen you need help u need it once u go on pills like that it usually takes 2 weeks so hold out for it and don't be worryins about taken them ! If u need help u need it .. aw and cbt helps 2 x hope that helps 

  • Does your anxiety sometimes make you feel that you're going to die soon? Like I've been having this sort of feeling for 3days and it's scaring me so much :l

  • Yes it does. There is a distinction between the way anxiety makes me feel and reality that is independent of that feeling. I often feel like death itself, but the feeling isn't about anything real. Examples of feelings about real things are my substantive feelings about my family, my work, my plans, the fact that I care what happens to other people. While i can feel like I don't care about anything - these depressive feelings are mere products of anxiety symptoms, such as disorientation and detachment - they do not represent my true feelings because as products of anxiety they aren't feelings about anything. They are just feelings that are there, they have little substantive content, very little reference to the world, and are generally accompanied by disorientation. They don't identify who I am, what I really feel about things; they don't tell me anything about the world.

  • That's what my whole anxiety started out with thinking I was going to die I lost so much weight then had lots of things happening to me that I didn't experience before which made it 10 times worse even now 2 years on the symptoms of breathing and and tightness in head have you ever got this ? 

  • Constantly and I have now intescoral neuralgia and my Chest is constantly numb and with pain and makes me think I have something :(

  • You may not have anything, mention to your GP as it can help you overcome anxiety when they keep ruling things out. Sometimes it works the other way around to - they find a physiological problem that is causing anxiety, such as, in cases of thyroid problems. So try not to worry about it if you can help it. Mention it.

  • Try gaviscone  for ur chest I duno what that is what u have ? I'm tellin me self it's just anxiety so we're all in it together .. tell urself it's anxiety and u no what I will be have a wee wine the nyt to help me self I need a fricken break 😂 ... try some meds from drs their really no that bad I wud rather feel better than have a life of anxiety wen they cud actually help u over come it x

  • Haha id love that 

  • Hi, keep up with your yoga, it helps me a lot especially the deep breathing. Good luck 😊👍

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