Anxiety dizziness and chest pains

Hey everyone

I wanted to explain my symptoms I have a real heaviness in the left side of my chest sometimes all day and it is usually always there when I wake up my heart sometimes races I feel dizzy most days although occasionally have days I feel better I have no energy and get tingling and pins and needles in my arms, my eyes go funny and I can't focus on things - I have a telephone appointment with a doctor on Wednesday but I just wondered does anyone else get all these symptoms with anxiety? I'm scared to death I have a heart problem I know I am also a very anxious person so don't know if it's this and I've just never done anything about it when I've had these symptoms a year or more xxxx please help


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22 Replies

  • Omg ive just posted near enough the same my left side feels heavy and achy at backs of shoulders and front of chest and like under arm etc ?

  • Yes mines the same do you have all the other symptoms I have above too or any others? And do you suffer with anxiety too I'm guessing?

  • I have the exact same heaviness, I feel it under my left bosem. Howcome I only hear people say they feel it on the left side? If I don't have the heavy feeling, I have a feeling where it feels that the rib bone is paining. What kind of treatment are guys using for this?

    So odd that this is common with everyone here. I really thought this was unique.

  • Mine is where my heart is if you get me and yeh it's weird I never ever get this pain on my right side it's horrible I don't have panic attacks much but I always feel panicked and anxious with the symptoms above - what else do you have symptom wise and at the mo I don't have anything at all medication wise and I'm struggling

  • Kirsty, more like, what don't I have? Tummy cramps, my stomach feels like it's all in one knot. Shortness of breath. Thank fully I don't notice the dizziness or heart palpitations now but those are my daily symptoms. Oh and I also suffer from severe heartburn. After my gallbladder removal surgery last November, the Specialist was convinced that the heartburn would disappear but no such luck. :)

    I feel that we are cursed. Are we? I mean, no one in their right mind will call this upon ourselves.

  • Awe gosh bless you Hun it's terrible isn't it how long have you had anxiety and what medication are you on - I know its literally such an awful thing isn't it 😫

  • hi Kirsty,

    yes ive got all of the above, ive taken clomipramine for 20 years its been brilliant, ive cut down from 20mg to 10mg symptoms came back ive uped it back but 20mg but symptoms haven't eased after 2 weeks. got to see dr again. she wants me to try different one problem is have to come off this completely for 2 weeks which seems impossible at moment I'm only just getting by as it is.

  • Awe bless you Debbie I didn't know if I had a serious heart problem do you have pain in your chest a lot like where your heart is? And have you been checked to make sure your heart is ok previous? I'm thinking I need to rule it out so my mind will be at ease and I need to get this anxiety under control it's taking over my life at the mo

  • Bless you Hun yeh so difficult to come off them isn't it I guess and have nothing for 2 weeks do they control your symptoms usually then in the past with these tablets

  • Mine just feels really heavy if you get what i mean, im convinced i have cancer or heart probs have no other symptoms at all, i come off my 10mg tablets last jan 2015 was citralopram, think thats why my mind is in over drive xx

  • That's good you have no other symptoms at least bless you and yeh it's not a nice feeling it may just be your anxiety creeping back a little see how you go and do you feel anxious a lot still now you're off the tablets? Xxx

  • I ment to write jan 2016 erm yeah its stupid things that set me off like i know someone thats just been diagnosed with brest cancer so i think im making myself worse ? Xx

  • Yes I don't even know what sets me off really but I know I have it pretty much constantly every single day it's awful isn't it and yes I bet it is making you worse and I'm so sorry to hear that xxx

  • I know everyone wants you off medication which I know is ideal, but when you feel so anxious its completely takes over your life, I would rather have a tablet and have a life, its so difficult I don't think people understand how debilitating it is if they haven't experienced it. If its any concellation ive had every illness under the sun in my mind xxx

  • I went to drs thinking I had heart problems I had pain under left breast then middle of back too when my arms started to tingle I thought OMG. dr gave me a cardiograph and full check no problems, Id get it checked to be on the safe side if I were you.

    The problem with my medication is its an older one and you cant use other anxiety drugs with it so its so difficult.

  • Yeh when you say pain under your left breast was yours like near your rib cage then? Mines higher up like exactly where I think my heart is and yes I'm going to get it checked out for sure cause I'm worried sick all the time xxx

  • Yes sort of right side of left breast where your heart is. Chest feels tight too.

  • I have this too, its very worrying at times, very hard to distract yourself when you think you only have moments left to live

  • It's terrible isn't it do you get these symptoms daily?

  • I do yes. I think a lot of mine is not just palpitations but heart burn too, they feel so similar. But these past couple of days I've had horrible heartburn so I think a lot of it is that! How about you?

  • I have had the very same thing it feels like a hear attack so I feel for you. Once I got meds it got a ton better

  • Just as what im having for the past 5 days. Had skip heart beats and palpitation, shortness of breath and dizziness, went to doctor and let me had the holter monitoring for 24 hrs, result will be in 2-3 days and ill be having 2 d echo tom as well. Its been 2 days when i wake up in the middle of the night having palpitation and shortness of breath and then i panic and cant go back to sleep after. Right now whenever i take a walk felt like i walked a long way already. And felt like i have something in my throat and chest and my stomach, and i have pains under my ribs and breast: (

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