Depression and anxiety together

Hi all, I should be happy right now with finally starting a new job right? sadly its not the case and I wish I knew the reasons why, my head is just so fuzzy and a mess I cant think straight and burst into tears every so often, I just cant face anything and even the simplest of things seem hard work, ive had to take a day off as I just couldn't face going into work and that's where the anxiety kicks in, I registered with a doctors surgery yesterday but have been told I cant make an appointment yet as I have to wait for a nurse to contact me, so what the hell am I meant to do in the meantime?? Ive gone to seek help but cant get a damn appointment!!! I cant bear these awful thoughts and feelings they are destroying me.


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  • Look at things you can do to help yourself - mood gym on the internet, exercise, diet, socialising, identifying what helps you feel good, talking some positives.

    Often things settle with time and medication wont be given unless things have been going on for a month or more.

  • I been through all of have u feeling like your going to die thats my problem I can go to sleep in still wake up fearing of my life but I have friends n family members who suffered from axiety n depression in they went threw the same thing so im kinda relief then I'm not because it will take time to recover from axiety....its only a mind thing your mind play tricks on u so don't go out of your mind it's going to be ok, stay strong for your love ones because it's going to get better

  • hey pal, how are you,, this Dipen from India, can you pls tell what are the things you have done most in order to feel better, i m suffering from of death for quite a long, but its really ok, i go sleep fearing but get up happy.pls suggest if you can

  • Will I feel like if I freaking out to bad I have to take meds just to calm me down a little but overall I feel the meds doesn't work so I just pray I don't let myself get down to where all I think about is I'm going to die or whats going to happen so the things that I will do is work out, listen to music an dance, go out with friends, watch comedy movies, prank videos on YouTube ...n some time when u are busy doing something u won't even think about your axiety...but soon as u start thinking about again then that's when it all come back on u so try not think about it live your life don't have no doubt n your mind that something will happen to u because it not it just a mind thing...

  • Your not alone, I'm also going through the same thing. I to have recently gotten a really good job and I also can't enjoy it. So bad

  • Am so sorry ,me am worsening don't feel doing anything I had to quit my job cozof this evil thing called anxiety my management career too, am in the house thinking of thoughts I feel to run En never come back.

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