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Not sure where to place this pain

Hi All,

I've had a number of good days prior to these few days... To be honest, I didn't even want to really look at all the posts on here because I was afraid that it might make me feel down and out.

I've been feeling fine mentally but physically having trouble with acid re-flux, which the doctor gave some mediation for (PPI - Nexium). For the last few days, the spot between my breasts have been paining, not below as before but now it's right in the middle of the breasts. Has someone else had this kind of pain and discomfort and what am I to do? It also feels like there's a ball of hair stuck in my throat and it hurts when I lie down to sleep. It feels a bit better after taking pain killers but can still feel the pain after taking 2 strong pain killers.

Sad for days about this :(

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