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Hello all. Me again. I've found myself to be on here more than before because I've decided to stop going on social media, stop Google just to see if that makes a difference in my anxiety because I have felt like social media tends to deliver bad news a lot and with my anxiety it keeps me in a circle. But I posting today because I'm stuck between deciding if I want to quit my meds today or not. I've already reduced down to the least mg that could be taken. Been on the lowest dose now for almost 2 weeks. Well the reason I am deciding to give it up is because even at this point I can't even say if the medicine has been a big help or not. So far I've been on it for 37 days. Pros so far: does bring a calmness, brings a drowsiness which in my case wasn't so bad cuz I was barely getting sleep at all, and racing thoughts do calm dowm when I take it. That's all. Cons so far : anxiety still there, brain sensations still there or worse than before I took it, headaches seems worse than before but I've had mild headaches, dizziness is worse at times, lightheadedNess still there, brain zaps, still having physical symptoms, head pressure still consistent, ringing ears quite often, and few other things but these are the main things that I constantly notice have either came on because of the meds or are still there from anxiety. Either way i can't tell if it's just my anxiety going bad or the meds. I never wanted to result to taking meds in the first place. The one thing I was told is that because it's an anti anxiety med it won't cause any withdrawals if I stop. But I find it hard to believe that any medication of this sort don't cause no side effects. A pharmacist basically said he don't think my meds(buspar) don't or shouldn't cause these kinds of side effects. He basically says it's the safest one to take for my anxiety. I find this hard to believe. So basically all these physical symptoms that have been persistent after taking the meds is all from my anxiety?


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  • Hello there. I am in the same boat you are. I have always had anxiety but lately it has been through the roof. My mind is constantly on the go.. Mainly with my health. I always think something is wrong when I have been told by several doctors that nothing is wrong. I first started taking ativan and it seemed to help. Then I realized it helped a little but the anxiety was still there. Now I feel like it makes me worse at times. Probably because I am so used to taking it. Well the other day I got prescribed something new. And I don't know why but in my mind I feel like it might make my symptoms worse. But I was told that it actually works better than the ativan. Well today I woke up and decided not to take anything and let me tell you.. What a day it has been.. I am worse than ever. The only option I have right now is to cave in and take it or deal with the constant anxiety that I am having.. Not sure not sure. And it sucks so bad feeling the way I do.. But I am trying to make myself understand that sometimes its a mind set. That I am stronger than this.. But then I get all worked up again.

  • Yes it the same with me. Decisions decisions. So far I have not taken it yet I still hVe tonight to take it and it won't be a whole day passed but I'm don't know. I just feel like I'd be better off dealing with the symptoms that my anxiety was gonna bring versus if the meds is doing this. I mean I see it as it shouldn't get no worse than what I've already gone through if I stop. But then again I know my mind set. I'll probably still find ways to think it's all kinds of other terrible things wrong with me and still won't accept it's anxiety. I just don't know. But I have been pondering about stop taking it. The pharmacist claims it doesn't have withdrawal with the one Im on. I wish the best for you with your choice to stop or keep taking it.

  • Thank you! I hope you find the answers you are looking for. Just know that sometimes its okay to not be okay! Best wishes

  • I honestly have to say I ask myself that alllllll the time...why me? Why is this happening to me and everyone around me seems so fine. My only answer is God has greater plans for me...He brought me to this so He will bring me through it. I don't understand my anxiety disorder or the way my body is responding, I don't like it, actually I hate it! I am partially hyperventilating as I type, but all I DO know is that I am going through it and I have to keep going. Thank you all for being on this website...we are more together than you know.

  • I can't begin to say how I've felt so heartbroken seeing how everyone around me seem to be happy and NORMAL and here I am not the same person I once were. And i cry so much but try to say as I'm crying, "I'm not gonna give up on me." It's so hard though. Yes I hate it.

  • I get sad because I was never like this.. I think back to times when I was "normal". I think back to when I had a grip on my life.. Now I can't even wake up and feel okay. It breaks my heart and most days I sit here and cry about it. Its like I have lost my way and my world is black.

  • Yes I know what you mean. I have become quite the crying person. Thinking back to when things were normal. Even rihht now as I sit here on this couch typing hoping to get a peace of mind enough to feel normal. My just started ringing again out of no where. Head pressure. It's like how can I even try and sleep through all of this. I decided to not take my medication today so I'm a little worried how I will feel soon. So far I don't feel any worse than I usually do. Still quite dizzy right now. I know I'm very tired been up since 9 this morning so 14 hours and no sleep or nap. I'm so tired but I get in my moods of being afraid to go to sleep.

  • Yes it is your anxiety . Just because you take pill don't mean it takes your mind off of things ,you still worry u still feel weird you still anilize things . Meds take the edge off and when I used to take them I only took them if I needed one . The rest of The time I just had them on me to feel safe . That is also a mind set. You will be ok either way .

  • I agree this is definitely a mindset. And either way I was probably gonna get through it. But it's like I'd just rather take or endure what my anxiety had to offer without the help of the meds if this makes since. Because u can't honestly say if the meds are aiding in some of these symptoms or effects I'm having. And the pharmacist tried to say I'm taking the best one cuz it has the least side effects than majority of the rest. But then I read reviews from people taking it on the site and I'm seeing people talk about their side effects which many I've experienced while on this med. So should I believe the reviews?

  • Like my doctor tells me. If your not comfortable taking something then don't take it

  • And I deal with a lot of chest pains. And they scare me but I have been to the Er I have had tests done I have been to my doctor about it and every time its the same thing.. Your to young to have these problems or its your anxiety.. And I realized when I think more about a problem the more its there. I get in such a panic when I have these chest pains that I literally lay down for the day and give up. I mean if something is going to happen its going to happen. Worrying about it doesn't change anything. And I get that but when I'm in such a panic I think and fear the worst. I think oh my this is it i need to go to the Er. And I hate that. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I think of is chest pain. And when the chest pain goes away I am sure I will find something else wrong that will scare the heck out of me. Its so hard to rule out if your in real danger or if its just your mind or your anxiety.. Its a very viscous cycle.. I can't stand it. And they I think well what if the pills I take is causing this.. But then again when I don't take my pills everything seems 10 times worse. So honestly it is very hard to tell and rule things out. I wish I had answers just like I'm sure you do. I hope you finally got some sleep. Today is the first day I actually slept past 7.

  • There are a lot of muscles in the chest and there is also a lot of cardilige on the ribs that can hurt. Chest pain from a heart attack will come in all of a sudden and get worse . Pain in chest that is constant off and on is prob just muscles. Hope this helps .

  • Oh I have been told several times its not my heart.. But sometimes it feels like the pain is actually coming from my heart so it scares me. I am only 20 years old and I worry about the dumbest stuff sometimes when it comes to my health. I could stub my toe and think im dying that's how bad I am

  • And i did to. But your heart is very protected and like I said you will know the pain of a heart attack. Everything else is heart burn or muscles. Some days I wanted to crawl out of my skin but I learned to just relax the best can and let it pass or do what I needed to feel better. Anxiety intensifies and the brain will focus on what you think is hurting. So think positive and your brain will learn to brush little aches and pains off like it did before anxiety.

  • I'm on sertraline so things may be a little different. I have been on it before. I get mild side effects only (dry mouth and eyes, lack of libido) once stable on them, but I do tend to get a period of increased anxiety on starting them and on stopping/reducing. For me, it takes the edge off severe anxiety enough for me to start to use other strategies successfully eg CBT therapy, mindfulness (and I think this is what medication should be used for), not a 'cure' in itself). It takes at least 21 days to take full effect too. Once I am stable enough with other coping strategies, then I can slowly come off them. That being said, I did have a few other meds before where I found the side effects unbearable and luckily my doctor was supportive in trying different ones and doses until I found one that suited. So if you think that you are having side effects that you can't bear even in the short term, it might be worth asking to try something else. I'm not saying meds are essential, but sometimes they can take the edge off the anxiety symptoms sufficiently that you can start to work through them in other ways.

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