Hi all

Hope your all doing well.

Has anyone tried propranolol? My gp prescribed it for me about a year ago to take it as and when i feel i need it. I havent yet taken it but am starting to feel more and more anxious so am considering actually starting it.

Has anyone got any advice, experiences, bad reviews etc, id appreciate hearing them

Thank you x.


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7 Replies

  • I use it on an as and when basis and it works well for me, no effects at all x

  • Ah thats great thank you for replying.

    Do you find it stops the palpatations as thats what im suffering with the most.

    Do you mind me asking what you take? Iv been prescribed 10mg

    Ali xx

  • Yes, 10mg and definitely helps to stop palpitations. I would definitely recommend giving them a go x

  • Ah great. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I will give them a go

    Ali x

  • Hi Hun.i find propanalol works better for my anxiety than anti depressants do I was on 40mg before now I'm only on 10 it's so calming no side effects very good med

  • Ah thats great. I was originally prescribed 40mg but i was far to anxious about taking them so gp put me down to 10mg to ease me in lol but so far iv been to worried to even take them, but i think il just bite the bulket and try them as got to be better than having palpatstions all day which creates more anxiety...... Vicious circle aye!

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

    Ali xx

  • It is a vicious cycle you can't win with palpitations stopped when I started them because they calm you that's what they are for you will be fine

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