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So today is my psych evaluation and I'm driving there alone lol. Idk why I get so nervous. I saw my Therapist twice so far and I'm seeing her tomorrow for 30 minutes. This will be my first time meeting with the Psychiatrist because I missed the original appointment. But I'm so used to always going somewhere with my Mom or Hubby, now I'm just nervous thinking about the what ifs and having a panic attack lol. I'm going to try to practice some mindfulness before I go.


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  • Don't worry, the psychiatrist has likely seen many people in the throws of a panic attack! I went full blown in front of my cardiologist....I did feel embarrassed but as it turned out he too suffers from anxiety Your phychiatrist is there to help you....maybe not so bad if he does see how your problem affects you. I always used to go out alone and appointments alone until the past 6 months when my panic disorder I like my husband to be with me because "what if". Let us know if any good suggestion from him. I go tomorrow afternoon for a 1 hr consultation with a naturopath......I am at the point where I want to try anything....I MUST try everything to help myself. This is not living.

  • Good luck with seeing the naturopath. I did see the Psychiatrist and my Mom ended up riding with me. I didn't ask her to but she called and said she was dressed and wanted to take a ride lol. But anyways the Psychiatrist was so nice, She said CBT would be best for me and I can always call her to schedule an appointment if I ever feel the need to take medication. She also said I need to express myself more and learn myself. I was very happy to chat with her. We talked about what could've caused me to be the way I am and it makes a lot of since. So tomorrow will be my first CBT Session ☺

  • I'm glad your mom went with you. I did take a CBT class at our local hospital. Some of the ideas to cope with your anxiety and to look at it are very good, logical....however I've found I'm so far gone now with the anxiety nothing truly helps but an Ativan when really bad and a listening ear. I do try to employ the ideas they taught us and my husband even admits I try. I really wondered if naturopaths actually dealt with panic/anxiety disorder, found a good link this morning.....I am so at my wits end I just pray she has some suggestions.

  • Ook I see. How long did you do the CBT Class for? I have to go for about 6 weeks and then I'll graduate to something else I guess. Idk how it works but I'll see tomorrow. Maybe she'll have some good suggestions, I hope so.

  • Mine was a 6 wk course, once a week, 9 of us, men and women. We were given a work book to follow from and to take home and fill out the lesson questions. The next wk we discussed it. It is trying to get you to control your thoughts by looking at situations differently and using your mind to distract you from any panic/anxiety you might be feeling. After it we could go on to a similar course but you had to pay for it. I myself didn't feel that I needed more of the same. Since the course my panic disorder has gotten worse and although I do try to use techniques we discussed, it is just too over powering at times for me. I honestly have no idea how I got this bad in a year and a half, just from withdrawing from a medication.

  • How did it go?

  • Hi, My Mom ended up riding with me lol. She wanted to go for a ride which was cool with me. It was pleasant to speak with the Psychiatrist. She suggested I try CBT. It will be a 1 on 1, 30 minutes session. We'll see how that goes.

  • I take CBT with my phycologist. It's good to yap away.

  • Lol. I hope it works

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