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Good morning:)

Well didn't sleep to well last night, never can when sleeping in a different bed:( I'm house sitting for a few days. Still ache but not as much, hubby walking dogs for me, I'm just going to sit and potter in the garden ( in between showers!) My lovely daughter said she is going to pamper me today meaning I'm being her guinea pig!! She has just got into hair and beauty college:) Hope all had a good night and have a good day. Hugs xx

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hope u have a lovely day and hope u have a better night tonight xx


That sounds like a truly lovely day. Go and enjoy it

Take care xxx


Sounds fab :-) Enjoy your day xx


LOve being pampered.. make the most of it and enjoy your day. Hope sleep is easier tonight. xx


Better late than never & so I will wish you a Good Afternoon :)

Oh I am the same , hate sleeping any where other than my own bed , so I can relate to that

You made me laugh about your daughter giving you a make over , well its all in mums job description , I am afraid :D

Do let us no how it goes later on :-/





Afternoon whywhy,

Well my day has been relaxing:) toes painted,facial done:) now if I don't sleep tonight....Good telly tonight again... Glass of red and family time around the tv...lovely:)) Hope you've had a good day. Hugs xxxx


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