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Good morning

Not such a good night last night:( woke up in the middle of the night to my daughter, poor thing had nightmares. She goes back to school on Thursday and starts college next Tuesday. I think she is feeling a little anxious. This morning I feel a bit sick and tired, need to get out in the fresh air and walk them dogs!:)

Whywhy , I'm thinking of you, be strong, positive thoughts, you can get through this:) Hugs xxxx

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Morning yimmimimmy

Sorry you have had a bad night & I no when I dont sleep well , I always feel sick ,i really do

It sounds like your daughter will be anxious & I no as a Mum this then upsets us to

I think its quite normal though , these are big changes for her , but I bet once she is there she will love it :)

All we can do is reassure them & let them no we are there for them & I always remember when ever my Mum used to just say "Everything will be alright " she was the only person in the world that when she said those words I would feel it would be , I bet when you tell your daughter she feels the same :)

In fact wished I could pick the phone up now & hear her saying that , but she is no longer here

Right I shouldnt be on here :-/ I am a wreck & should be getting ready , thank you for thinking about me ,& hope you feel better as the day goes on :)





Thank you whywhy, speak to you later. Xxx


Though it is a very long time ago I can remember that anxiety when starting senior school. It just seemed so big and you were so little and a small fish again. But didn't take long to settle in really. I always get upset if my daughters are and they are all grown up now.... just a mum's natural reaction I think. Hope that your day gets better and a good walk with the dog always helps me. Have a good day. xx


Thank you Jeffju, My daughter always gets abit anxious on the run up to a new term. She always seems to handle it quite well now. Better than me:)) lol. Hope you have a good day too. Hugs x


It's funny I always thought school was so hard and stressful well I'd go back there in a second if it took away how I feel now. Such a simpler time lol :-)



Gosh Ashley... I know that feeling! Hope you have a good day:) Hugs x


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