Good morning friends:)

Good morning friends:)

How are we all? Hope your all calm :) I had a bit of panic first thing this morning but I'm ok now:) Hubby told me to stay in bed and relax, brought me breakfast and cup of herbal tea:) Must admit I'm not one to stay in bed but here I am cuddled up with my daughter watching tv feels nice and relaxing:) Going out to the beach later on to walk the dog,if the weather stays nice. Hope you all have a nice day:) xx


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  • Morning :-)

    Sorry you had a bit of a panic this morning , I think I may have an idea what could be causing it at the moment , & I no you will be fine hun & I cant wait till you have it done because I also no how difficult it is to have peace of mind when we are worried over something but ........

    The hubby & breakfast in bed , cuddled up with daughter , TV , walk on the beach , well that sounds like a perfect day there to me & I hope you enjoy it :-)




  • Thanks Hun, yeah next week can't come quick enough... Don't help when you have horrid dreams:( just want it over with... Really don't know why I'm like I am...On a good note the pain i was experiencing is getting better. Taking co-codamol that I was given by the hospital when I did my shoulder. Seems to be doing the trick:) How you doing today Hun?:)

  • It will soon be here :-)

    When I went but it was at the hospital , after she had done it , she did say , everything looks fine to me , but now it has to go to another department & they blow the pics up , but from what I can see it does look ok

    Dont no if yours will be able to see that much but it did help that she said that to give me peace of mind

    I am not sure of the answer "why" some things worry us more than others

    I think that letter coming out the blue shocked you slightly , I no when mine did , I was shocked & thought there was no warning here , but because I am at that age , I did have that thought where I could say well its my age why they have called me

    Then when I started reading the leaflet & saw it said between 45 & 50 , I thought goodness , I never knew that & they could have called me sooner then , so like you if I had got one 5 years sooner I think it would have started me feeling anxious

    I think as well , if we pull or have problems with our shoulders , the nerves spread all over & they are connected & so you can get pain there as well shooting through

    I have a feeling when you have had it done , once they say its all OK , that pain will start to go away or you will just be able to ignore it ;-)

    Me....still with headache , hoping I dont get the visual disturbance today , really am or that means more headache & have a very large basket of ironing that has to be done today , as its not helping my OCD now & hope I can plod through it :-)


  • I think your right Hun... It is the 47 I wasn't expecting that quite so soon:)) I think as you say when she says it's ok ... It will rest my mind and I can get on and look forward to my holiday:)

    Can you take pain killers with your meds? Just thinking wether co codamol would help? You take it easy though.. Be kind to yourself and try and have a relaxing day. Hugs xxxx

  • Yes I take co codamol , I think though with these migraine headaches its just one of those things that has to take its course

    I do find that even though Asprin dont help with the pain but nothing does , if I take those for a few days it helps , as I do believe its like your blood vessels swelling when you have one & they help to take it down if that makes any sense

    Well I wish they was no ironing , but as soon as that is out the way which could take all day , I will treat myself doing what I want :-)


  • I would offer... but I hate ironing:))) Hubby does it.. Lucky me hey:)) Hope you have a pain free day xxx

  • You do have a good one there

    Mind you with my OCD ,nothing anyone does is good enough , so I think thats why I do it no matter what ,I would find that many faults , but when they sort my OCD who knows :-/


  • Morning........... Ive pinched that pic for my desktop!!

    I had a panic this morning but have managed to claw it back for now!!

    Sounds like a lovely morning in bed all snuggly and the walk sounds good too ;-)

    Lots of Love xxx

  • Hi Hun, pinch away:)) got loads like that:)) glad you manage your panic ... Horrible isn't it:(

    Hope you have a good day xx

  • Morning, that picture helped me with my bothering throughts this morning, thankyou :-)

    That sounds blissful, hope you have a really nice day xxx

  • Hi hunni, Glad it helped... I was actually thinking of you when I saw this:) Hope you have a lovely day:) Hugs xx

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