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Fast heart rate is really starting to annoy me :(


Its nearly 1 in the morning my heart is racing super fast its over 120 beats per minute im trying breath exercises nothing seems to work .. Im getting bad back pain and getting really hot feel like im getting really breathless. Does anyone get this where there heart is racing so fast for no reason, hope everyones ok

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Do u have any meds for the fast heart rate

Kaaayla in reply to Cwoods

Im on propanolol 80mg :/

Cwoods in reply to Kaaayla

U take any since this attack

I have to take on in the morning and one in the evening so i took the last one about 7ish .. I feel like im about to die or my lung have stabbing pains my breathing feels different like i cant breath deep enough. Im trying to shake it of but it wont. Does ur heart ever beat really fast for no reason

Hunny i get this everyday... Like 4 times a day. I hate it... I feel like im going to die.... Just cry... When i cry it helps me

I dont take any meds... I tried Zoloft... Venflaxine .... Metropolol they made me worst!!!

always have a small paper bag beside the bed. Take ten slow but deep breathes in and out.........


Hi yep I suffer with this as well,It can come on at any time but mostly first thing on a morning when I suffer worst with anxiety. Ask your doctor about Propranolol I took it a couple of years ago and it really does help,the only thing for me was it made me feel really tired and was a bit of a problem with the kind of work I do, but after I only took a small dose on a morning and night I was OK. I'm really thinking bout taking it again,I don't want to go down the antidepressant road, they didn't help me in the past.

Why not give it a go?



Hi soz just read other posts and saw you already take Propranolol, well you maybe need to go back to doc ,think racing heart part of anxiety,

Take care Kath :)

You must have read my mind, today I was just thinking about how my heart rate is no longer rapid during anxiety provoking situations, but ALL THE TIME! I went to the doctor & he said it was high but still within the range, but I literally see my chest moving just sitting & watching t.v & I can't exercise anymore without wanting to pass out from an intense heart rate. It can be really frightening:-/ Have you thought about getting your thyroid checked?

When I first started having panic attacks and that the doctor send me for a thyroid blood test it was normal my doctor has sent me a cardiologist anyways but it's on March the 25th properly be dead by then , the propanolol hasn't slowed down my heart rate but has stopped the thumbing in my chest a little bit

Being dehydrated can cause a fast heart rate, if you aren`t drinking enough fluid, or sweating a great deal, then that could cause the heart to beat faster.

Kaaayla in reply to hairyfairy

Yeah I might be dehydrated , does that course fast heart rate

Yes, I had a similar experience last December, I`d had several drinks that afternoon, & fell asleep. I woke up a few hours later with a racing pulse, & was terrified that something was seriously wrong I would have a cardiac arrest. I had a couple of drinks of water, & it settled down in no time. It was just from being dehydrated from alcohol.

I know I always get paranoid about going into cardiac arrest.. I gave up smoking about over a year ago and I used to drink on weekends but haven't drunk in about 7months , I don't really drink water I'm going to now and see if that's what's causing my heart racing .. It's the most uncomfortable thing ever ain't it. My palpations mostly happen at night or in the morning

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