Night time panic?

Hi everyone , wondering if anyone can help with this? I Have been getting a horrible sensation when I am sleeping, it's always within an hour of falling asleep and I wake suddenly with intense fear / confusion that I'm going to die 😥 My heart races and I feel very ill , this only happens maybe one night s week but is just awful especially when I have been asleep , I don't know if it's a panic attack , or something wrong with me, other than this I am taking 10mg of Amitriptaline a day but I had these before started taking this , I feel good at the minute in the day so why??? Grrrr! Very scary and I'm worrying I have a health problem ( I do not get these when I am awake , xxx


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  • Please do not respond to "NickieDavies"...other members of this site have speculated that the person is a man trying to get you to respond and may screw up your computer.....or your mind.

  • Sorry, that name is Nikkidavies. Don't respond to him.

  • Hard to say what is causing your situation. Have you spoken with the doctor who prescribed your medication?

  • I get the exact same thing. I wake up with a huge fright after about 30min of falling asleep with my hear beating so fast I think I'm about to die. It's very scary and I just try calm myself but sometimes it's difficult to fall asleep again. I know what you going through I wish we could just take it away. During the day I hardly have anxiety. I'm on 5mg brintalix

  • I messaged nickidavies! How do j delete her????

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