About to panic! :(

So I have this issue where I constantly worry. Worry that I'm going to have a heart attack. Last night I started to have so sharp random pains under my left breast that when into the ribs along with pain ( like soreness) around my armpit/shoulder. It happened when I was laying down. Finally fell asleep was fine thru the night and most of the days. No sharp pains but the soreness in my arm is still there. I went to a cardiologist 2 years ago when I was pregnant because I have a heart murmur. He said my heart was beautiful and I went to my pcp a few weeks ago and she listened to my heart and said it was fine. But now I have heartburn and it's freaking me out. I'm terrified to have a heart attack. I refuse to take anything for anxiety, I need to overcome this naturally. But I still have the soreness and the random pains are starting and I have heartburn and it's going up to my throat. Ifeel like I'm about to have a heart attack. ( take it back a few weeks ago, I thought I was going to have one. I stopped worrying and was perfect. Then I saw an article about how to determine if your having a heart attack 30 days prior and I have been worrying for 2 weeks now). Has anyone ever had these pains?


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  • I have these sort of pains mine is where my bra sits under my left breast, pains in my arm/ shoulder/ armpit. I have indigestion reflux / gerd and back problems and its a combination of the two in my case.my doctor says when your back hurts all the muscles and nerves come round and affect your chest, when the doctor checks my back it does hurt in my chest.

  • Thank you, that makes me feel better.

  • You could have breast and chest inflation as those are the symptoms as I have had it many many times as my body seems to like getting it and if your like me and suffer with anxiety then ya mind goes over time with the smallest thing

  • I defiantly hone in on my anxiety and worry. I'm pretty sure is have HA. I have been fine all day except for a few times where I have had the "anxiety breathing" not hyperventilating but kinda like taking deep breaths but I calmed myself down and told myself I am healthy and I'm not at risk for a heart attack. I was able to calm myself. But I just ate dinner and my stomach is full and now I'm getting the pains again. Just kind of sharp but my back also hurts. 😫

  • Could he bad pulled muscles I'd see ya GP see what they say to put ya mind at rest

  • I get embarrassed going back to the md all the time even though my doc is so understanding. I just try and convince myself it's my bed and my anxiety

  • There is nothing to he embarrassed about going to see ya GP at least it will put ya mind at rest and may help with ya anxiety that way u will know for sure if it's medical or not as I know having anxiety and having any kind of pain setz your head and anxiety off big time which could end up u having a full blown out attack and I'm sure u don't want that so see your GP

  • I think I'm going to go to at least my mind at ease, like you said. Thank you. I mean I've been fearing a heart attack off and on for a month now. I'm sure I'm perfectly fine but these new pains are making me think otherwise

  • I had those pains when I went to docs she told me my muscles where very tender and I had inflammation so I got some gel for it works good to ease the pain but I felt like I was having heart attack as well before I went to docs

  • Thank you so much for your advice and help. No one around me has anxiety especially HA. Like a menthol gel?

  • Your welcome and it was a steroid base gel you put on your chest and that where the pain is

  • What do u tske for your anxiety?

  • That's thing thing, I don't take anything for anxiety.

  • I use herbal remedies called rescue remedy no side effects u put it in a drink n just sip when u want it's really good

  • I'll try to look for that, I don't want to take medication. I use lavender oils at night

  • It's called DR batch remedy you can get it pritty much any where

  • I will give it a try. Thank you

  • It's been around a long time

  • Went to the doctors today, they did an EKG and she said it looked fine. Said there was one thing that like jumped early but she didn't think it was an issue and was having another doctor look at it. Said my tenderness under my breast and in my arm could be from hormones and she also said that it could be because my toddler sleeps in my armpit area. she prescribed lexapro but leaving it up to me to take. I know I just need to stop letting my mind control me and live my life. Moving forward from here.

  • Propranolol works really well for me. I feel like it's probably saved my life quite a few times already

  • What do you use it for?

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