Deja vu, depression and anxiety

Hey, I'm new here. I've struggled with constant deja vu for 3 years living in a world where nothing seems real and as if I'm going to die any second. It feels magnified at night time when I'm going to sleep as I think I won't make it to the next day and any little feeing in my body scares me :( does anybody else have constant deja vu or have any suggestions of how to make it go away?


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2 Replies

  • Hi there, I have no suggestion other than to try and believe that it is just tricks on your mind, because I promise you that is what it is! The night time is always the worst time. Hope your ok

  • For 3 years? That's a long time to be feeling like this. Have you tried meds or counseling? I feel like this right now and it's a horrible feeling. The mind can inflict horrible things to the body but we must continue to fight.

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