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Climbing out of hell is possible!

I will tell you all right now, I went from being in a ball crying in my room everyday to being the happiest I've ever been, it was such a long process but I literally climbed inch by inch out of hell, because of this I know you all can, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, swap from internal to external thinking, I thank god that I was given my dp dr disorder and painstaking anxiety, it's made me 100x stronger than I was before hand, I'm ready for the world and I beg you all to take charge of your lives and never stop, listen to motivational tapes, vision everything going good instead of bad and be thankful for making yourself the way you are with anxiety or whatever cause you will learn so much, get past and grow stronger, PLEASE, I BELIEVE IN YOU ALL!

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thankyou James! thanks for such a positive post :)


hamble :)


lovely inspirating words god bless you keep up your good work me


Thank you so much. I really needed this today. I get to a positive point then see another doctor and wham, another piece of news in my long journey with APS and at each turn, I get down then know that I'm being taken care of and have so very much to be grateful for. Bless you and may you continue to stay positive and encourage others to get on the positive road. Have a great day!


Yeah i believe that the treatment of dp dr is ur attitude. I have suffered from this awful condition. The worst part of my life but there is hope. I have felt lot better by just making an effort by keeping myself calm. And little calm momments add up to create big moments and ntinging u some cherish and hope... Best of luck to all sufferers God bless ya all.


Thank you so needed this 😊


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