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I hope everyone is feeling better today than yesterday. I know this place is for our negative issues but i want to be less negative hoping something like this gets you thinking about something different for a change even if it's not too entertaining. As my doctor says, "any minute you can focus on something else is a minute you get back of your life." Try to keep that In mind. :)

I'm watching cheesy movies with my 9year old son and i love these nights. We just snuggle in a recliner and i enjoy every minute i have him. Every minute he gets older and i don't want to miss them. Any recommendations on great movies to watch? We love movie marathons also. We mostly use NETFLIX so if there is any on their I'd love your opinions.

I know night time tends to be worse for those of us with GERD and i possibly have sleep apnea so recently i set my alarm for5:30pm so i know not to eat after that. I noticed I'm feeling better when going to bed (more confident i won't have acid reflux that night) and i feel great in the morning and weigh less. If anyone wanted to try something more natural other than medicine and tums perhaps you can try to not eat anything after 5:30pm also and let me know how you feel? I also just started Apple cider vinegar,water and raw honey as a drink that has several health benefits including helping with depression,foggy mind,anxiety and helps kill cancer cells. It cleanses your body. If you are interested let me know how it goes for you also. It helps you lose weight really quick also i guess. I'll keep you updated. :)

I have otosclerosis in my left ear and will be having surgery Monday. I'm hoping that goes well. I've lost some of my hearing when i was30after having my son(which is how otosclerosis starts a lot of times) and it's gotten worse. I'm really hoping for a great turn out. It'd be nice not to say"huh" a 100 times a day.

Has anyone ever tried candles for relaxation? I know the smell of them and the light from them is so relaxing for me. Just having all the lights off at night and having candles on instead brings me back to that comfy place in my mind when i was young and my mom always had candles on in the house. I love doing that.

I popped open my computer and started attempting to write a book. It may never get published but it's something i can do that completely takes over my mind and keeps me thinking of anything other than the stupid OCD crap that always enters it when I'm bored. Who knows, maybe I'll sell a ton and thank this time in my life for happening because it got me to try different things and i became rich. ;) lol who knows. We all go through what we go through and get stronger in the process.

I hope you all have a great night and this side tracked your mind. 😘


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That's funny cos I'm writing a book myseif! I'm writing a horror book! What genre is your book? I also sing (metal punk genre) & design. I'd say that good movies well It depends what you ahd your son like. Some of my favourites 'jurrasic park', 'pirates of the carribean' & Disney including Pixar. I also liked teenage mutant ninja turtles ahd transformers they have cartoons as well as movies if them all the superhero stuff most boys like. I'm a girl but I like all kinds of movies! Just some ideas for you of classics I guess and they keep making new ones all the time so I think you'll find plenty! Yeah I used candles before but I got ADHD so I avoid them mostly cos not so safe for me lol.

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