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Getting to sleep with Anxiety..


Hello guys,

New to the forum & new to anxiety!

I've been suffering for about 4 months now and it's always worse at night or when I'm tired. When my mind is ticking over during the day I'm fine because I'm distracted, but then I'll chill out or go to bed and BANG.

All of the focus is on my heart, constantly telling myself I'm gonna have a heart attack, I will also get sudden thumps on my heart beat, even when I lie down I can hear my heart beating in my chest, which is the most distracting thing when I'm trying to go to sleep.

Meditation used to help me, but then my panic got to a level where I couldn't relax and close my eyes and breathe for a few minutes without a horrible feeling of 'impending doom'. (I swear I've convinced myself I've died atleast 1000 times over the course of a few months).

Is it normal to be this aware of your heart beat? And are the palpitations a normal part of anxiety? I have had an ECG and everything was reported as normal, but that doesn't take the fear away.

Does anyone else experience similar symptoms? Would be nice to know I'm not alone in this crazy shit house of a world!

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I experience it all the time ... your heart feels like it’s going to jump out if your chest the double thumps (palpitations) it’s so annoying... like I’m not even anxious today but apparently something was in the back if my subconscious mind making these things more prominent... I’ve been almost symptom free for 2 days! And bam tonight it was like.... anxiety: HONEY IM HOOOOME! It’s so beyond frustrating cause I get super dizzy and light headed feels like I’m about to faint but I don’t. I was at the market and felt like I could breath. All I could think of was crap I’m dying it’s a blood clot it traveled to my lungs but then u stop and think wait if I had a pulmonary embolism I would have been collapsed and died... your mind is VERY powerful. Try downloading the calm app I think it’s called... at night right before bed use it and see if it helps.

I normally fall asleep watching documentaries to try and take my mind off it, but i will also give this a go! Because the documentaries clearly aren't working lol.. Thank you for your reply! It's so distracting because I don't think I've never really noticed my heartbeat until all this started, safe to say its hit me for 6.. Its hard to try and explain to my girlfriend aswell because without experiencing the symptoms it's hard to explain and understand!

Stan2 in reply to CharlieOde

Hi Charlie

I am going through exactly the same although I have other issues with family experience. Sometimes I do get to sleep but wake in the night and can't get back to sleep . I fear arrythmia as I can hear/feel my heartbeat do a funny jump now and again. I am always looking for solutions (you are not alone) . I understand the meditation thing because it sometimes asks you to focus on your breathing which makes you listen to your heart more . I like the hypnotherapy ones that can actually make you nod off before it finishes . You can get these on CD and are often attached to self help books. They might help your anxiety as well.

Kind regards


Hey Charlie. I get the 'ka-thump' in my chest often right before dozing off. I notice that it happens when I've had a particularly anxious day. What has helped me is to do the opposite of what you think to do. The instinct is to freeze and worry. Don't. Breathe deeply right into the space of your heart. It seems to really work for me to settle things down. I also use the Headspace app's sleep stories as I'm winding down in bed. Remember: you've thought the worst a thousand times and have been wrong a thousand times. Eventually this will sink in.

CharlieOde in reply to JAYnLA

Thanks for your reply Jay! Yeah ka-thump is a good way to describe it, I never had a particularly anxious day yesterday it just seems to start when I either notice my heartbeat or can't help to focus on it. I listened to my pulse while it was happening and everything seemed to be normal but u can't help but diagnose yourself :/ I will definitely give the sleep stories a go thankyou! Anything to take my mind off my mind :/!!

Hello Charlie

Anxiety is a horrible thing and you are not alone I totally understand about how you constantly think and notice your heartbeats If you have had tests and all ok then please try and believe what you have been told

I don't suppose you ever think about blinking but once you do you will notice every blink I'm not trivialising what you feel but it is exactly the same you are just tuned in to your heart

Palpitations are a well known symptom of anxiety If you can turn your thoughts round and everytime you hear or feel your heart beat tell yourself it's great it's doing its job it's a very very strong muscle and it's not going to fail you can help the way you feel

There are some loveIy videos on You Tube to help you drift off to sleep

Any Claire Weeks book or she does have videos on You Tube plus The Dare Response by Barry McDonagh I know will help you

I really wish you all the very best and hope you will feel better very very soon Take care

CharlieOde in reply to Cat33

Thankyou for your reply, I will be sure to check out them videos tonight and look into the books!

At this moment I'll try anything!

Cat33 in reply to CharlieOde

I know exactly how you feel I really hope they give you the help and peace you need Good luck

Michael Sealey is a good one on You Tube for relaxation and sleep videos his voice is so soothing


You are certainly not alone. What you are experiencing with your heart is anxiety.

It may be worth seeing your doctor to see what could be of help with your anxiety.

Best wishes


This is me exactly!! My anxiety is so much worse at night. Trying to go to sleep and stay asleep is so hard. I also have what I believe are panic attacks in my sleep. I wake up with all the classic signs bc I can’t control them when I’m asleep. I can during the day. But I recently started with the palpitations and they are terrible. I do try to listen to something on my phone to distract myself and that does seem to help. I know exactly what you are going through and it sucks. I’m sorry!! And mine comes and goes too. There are nights I say that I’ll be fine bc I’ve had a great day and BAM! No rhyme or reason really.

Hey! Do you also experience weird sensations on your forehead? That's where mine seem to start, like a gripping on my forehead but I think that may be stress related too!

Ive recently bought a headband with built in speakers so I'm going to try and give that a go, can't imagine it'll be the comfiest thing to sleep in but if it helps, it helps..

No not really the forehead thing but lots of other weird symptoms. I hope the earphones help. It helps me sometimes

You are not alone I have been having these same feelings for the past few hours. I can't sleep and think I'm going to stop breathing in my sleep. I've tried changing my mindset but it seems that the voice I keep hearing tells me that I'm going to die in my sleep, it feels like my heart is beating too hard and loud and stopping me from catching a deep breath.

I feel for you, its horrible isn't it :( best advice I've had is just try and remember all the times where nothing has happened. It seemed to help me last. Igjt and I managed to get a good 9 hours sleep without waking up and without alot of panic going to sleep!

I'm going to try that. Today seems worse for some reason. Thank you Charlie...

I pray all of us are able to beat this...

No worries, if u ever need to keep your mind busy just drop me an inbox. I know how horrible it is.

Thank you. I feel alone at times and I don't want to share these feelings on social media, because they truly make me feel like I'm losing my mind.

I'm going to try the video recommended and try and get some sleep.

Don't we all, i haven't been on here long but it's good to speak to people going through the same stuff, it helps to let you know you're not going crazy 😅. Social media is the worst, full of ego-tistical people who judge before they learn.

Hello Charlie

I have found a loveIy video on You Tube that you might be interested in trying

Hypnosis Deep Trance Healing

Don't worry it won't send you into a trance just very very deeply relaxed its really good one of the best relaxation videos I've used

Hope it helps

CharlieOde in reply to Cat33

Thankyou Cat I will try it out tonight!

CharlieOde in reply to Cat33

Is it the Trigram Healing one Cat?

Yes it is It's so lovely

When he says about lifting your leg and arm you will feel so relaxed that you won't want to make the effort !!

I really hope you like it

Everything you have said is familiar to me as an anxiety sufferer, so you’re not alone- you’re one of a great many. Be reassured .You’ve done the right things going to see your doctor, and opening up in this site. I keep recommending the ‘headspace’ app to other sufferers. It may not suit all, but it has helped me a lot! Best wishes .

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