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Sick of it

Hi all 1st post

I just want to see if you all have these problems I am male, 30 and not the healthiest but am slowly getting healthier :) I have been suffering from anxiety for a good few years burn now I am getting pains in chest left Brest mainly but today right Brest also hurts I Am panicking more when I feel pain and doctors just keep saying anxiety I think something worse, also arm goes numb and just feel like crap all the time what do you all do breathing exercises don't work propanolol don't work I am at my wits end please help


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It may well be the muscles in your chest tightening up.. Because of your rib cage, it can feel worse than it is.. My GP said it's less worrying if it's both sides because that means it's not the heart.. But if you're really worried you could ask for an ecg..

Have you tried relaxation techniques? there are some on you tube which are helpful..

I wish you well.. Take care.

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