Sick of it!

Been having some weird sensations lately so I rang my doctor to see what they thought, but they won't see me until next Wednesday!

I'm really worried about it and can't believe I have to wait this long, I want to go to the shops but I'm scared incase something happens, really don't want to spend just over a week thinking this way and worrying constantly!


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  • Sorry to hear this. I am in the exact same boat. The frustrating thing is I have been feeling great for weeks and then suddenly out of the blue last week I just started feeling strange. I wasn't anxious about anything but all the horrible sensations have started up again - hot flushes, feeling sick, spaced out, lightheaded, extremely tired. Now I am feeling like this I am too scared to go out in case something happens to me whilst I am out. Even going to the postbox is a real struggle! Hope you are feeling better soon xx

  • Thanks for your reply, sorry your feeling this way too 😩 Mine are new symptoms, over the past few months I've been having hot tingly flashes in my legs, it's really worrying me, plus all the usual anxiety symptoms. I've been doing well for a while and managing to get out. I was expecting to be able to see the doctor today 😢

    I get symptoms even when I don't feel anxious too, it's so annoying. Have you tried getting into the doctor? Maybe you have picked up a virus x

  • Hi dizzychar, we get symptoms even when we don't feel anxious because

    unfortunately, our mind doesn't forget.... Good Luck with the doctor today.. xx

  • I no we do, don't think this one is anxiety related though 😢 Doctors isn't for another 9 days x

  • Oh dizzychar, I'm sorry, I got that mixed up with someone else. 9 days is a long time to wait. I agree with Bounce, if you feel that uncomfortable in waiting, by all means keep calling the doctor and see if they can get you in as an emergency or at the least as a last minute cancellation fill in. I wish you well dear. Sorry for my mistake. xx

  • Don't worry lol, thank you X x

  • This is so true everything is our anxiety

  • Hello

    I know how frustrating it is when we need peace of mind and the appointments offered are such a long wait

    Could you try and contact them back and say it is an Emergency !

    I know we feel anxiety is something that is not classed as an emergency but if it is affecting us so bad , stopping us getting out and doing the things we need to then it is and we should not feel bad in saying so !

    I know if I thought is was really going to make me worse waiting I would say I needed to see them asp , if you ask for a home visit they will sit up and maybe squeeze you in

    Your symptoms perhaps are all anxiety related but nevertheless you need them checking out

    Se how you feel in the Morning if you feel as bad them I would phone again and say it is an emergency and you cannot wait till next week

    Good Luck , let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

  • Thanks bounce, it's not something I experience everyday, it's been going on for the last few months on and off. It's different to my normal anxiety symptoms, so I'm not sure if it's anxiety related. I am experiencing anxiety about it though because I always do. We've got what you call a triage list and you briefly tell the receptionist what the problem is and then the doctor phones you back, when she phoned back I told her what had been happening and she said ok what was urgent for today? And I said that's what I felt was urgent, she said I could have an appointment Wednesday (which I thought was bad enough) after putting the phone down she rang straight back and said I meant Wednesday the 31st!!

    I havnt been out today, couldn't face it in the end X x

  • Hello -)

    O we have that carry on at our surgery to

    I mean getting pass the secretaries with their 101 questions is a mind field , I always say they are the Doctors Bouncers rather than secretaries trying to get pass them :-D

    I am not sure how your Doctor can make a diagnosis over the phone that you are ok not to be seen for over a week , I think they play God sometimes !

    I would still phone back though and say it has got worse even if it hasn't and you need to see someone sooner

    Is it just one particular Doctor you want to see or would you be ok seeing any of them because if you would I cannot see why they could not get you in before then , I know I have told little white lies to get in sooner but as I always say needs must and if it stopping you getting out because you will need food etc it is a needs must !

    I know anxiety can throw out different symptoms , or sometimes we can have strange and wonderful sensations that come on and then as quick as they came they go again which could be the case with this and it would be easy for me to say don't worry because I am not feeling it and I know chances are I would , but I have to say when similar has happened to me it has always ended up been nothing and have the feeling the same will be for you , but you need a Doctor to assure you of that :-)

    Let us know what you decide to do and try not to be afraid to be pushy with the Surgery , they are suppose to see us a lot quicker than they have offered you and hope they do :-) x

  • I've decided to wait, see how I go until that date, if I feel I need to go before then I will definitely be ringing them again to see me sooner, thanks for the your help X x

  • It could well be that you will be feeling much better before that date arrives, especially if you can convince yourself it really IS anxiety. I do understand your frustration and angst.

  • I'm sorry you have to wait but let the fact that you have to be of some comfort If they thought you had something horrible and serious you would have been given one of the emergency appointments

    What sort of sensations are you getting ? I bet if you describe them most people on this forum either get them or can fully understand how rotten they make you feel

    Shops you can always come out of I bet as you go in you will be terrified and as you come out the fear will go Its anxiety tricking you into believing something is going to happen in there Nothing will believe me I've had so many panic attacks in shops but nothing has ever ever happened and I've always got through it

    I'm sure you will feel heaps better and reassured when you've seen your doctor

    You aren't alone and you can and will feel better I did and I was so poorly If I can do it anyone can

    Wishing you all the very best

  • Thank you cat, I've had many panic attacks in the shops too, I've been loads better lately and managed to go more and more, but wiTh these new symptoms I'm scared to leave the house.

    I've been getting like hot flashes in my legs and they've been going all tingly and not feeling right, this is all new to me, I've had tingling in my hands and feet before but never my legs, it's been scaring me, I did put off going to the doctors at first, thinking it would go but waited a few months and it's still happening that why I thought I best get checked out. X x

  • What medication are you on? Have you been given anything different in the last few months?

  • I'm not on any medication, I was on the depo injection but I stopped it, so the last time I had it was February I think x

  • I don't know what that is. I was just wondering if you were taking any new medication that didn't agree with you. Glad that not the case. Pretty sure you will be fine x

  • Just one thing. Did the doctor stop your injections or did you stop them yourself? Whilst I am pretty sure your problem are anxiety based, waiting can exaggerate them. As someone else suggested, if you really get uptight I think it would be best for you to ring and see if you can get in to see the 'emergency' doctor and explain how desperate you feel. There is usually a doctor for these times - though maybe not your own. I have managed to get to see a doctor the same day at times when I have felt that something was really wrong. Another week is a long time to bottle things up. See how you feel in the morning. You may feel different all together X

  • I hope so - Bless...x

  • Thank you I didn't mind what doctor I saw I would have seen any. I've managed to see a doctor on the same day lots of times without any issues. At the moment il wait but if it gets worse I will be phoning for them to see me before. The depo injection is to stop me from getting pregnant.

    I decided to stop it myself after having them for a year as I didn't feel it was suiting me X x

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