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Does anybody else feel constantly sick with anxiety and also having to go to the toliet alot? i don't usually be sick just feel it, it makes it worse because i have a phobia of being sick :( i have been to the doctors numerous of times and also previously had CBT, they are now referring me again to have more CBT but it didnt work properly last time - it did for afew months but then it has come back alot worse, it is effecting me at work and even when i go shopping. I start university in September doing Adult Nursing and im even considering backing out as i think my anxiety will effect my work etc. I am now trying herbal medication called jiawei xiaoyao wan which has been recommended by the gentleman in the Dr Herb shop. If anyone could help please reply xxx


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  • A friend text me today to say you are going to be fine and take it hour by hour....tell your anxiety that and be firm!!! I did that and coped well at work today for the first time in months. I have to go to the toilet a lot but used this opportunity to talk firmly to myself in the mirror...I feel that constant nausea but today I didn't....again a first. I suppose that is what everyone says by accepting your anxiety and not letting it rule you....just hope this lasts tomorrow as have an inspection in work....all we can do is take it day by day....good luck xxx

  • Hi, hope the inspection went well, I think I try to fight my anxiety which makes it a lot worse just wish it would dissapear xxx

  • Oh, forgot to say....September is nearly 3 months away.....don't give up on your will get through this and beat it too....onwards and upwards....just believe that this will pass and you will feel strong again!!!! Good luck x

  • Hi tinker ur anxiety is sickness so yes u will feel sick but u won't it's just ur anxiety telling u u feel sick the mind is a powerfull thing I have health anxiety and I'm ill from the min I wake up till I go to sleep not only is mental health illness of the mind but it can have impacted on the body I hope u sort it huni gd luck xxx

  • I very often feel sick in the morning as an effect of my own anxiety and the best coping strategy I've found is to accept it for what it is. If you don't accept how you're feeling you are constantly giving the anxiety more power. If you have to go to the loo, think "Oh well", realise no harm will come to you, go, practice calming techniques and then rejoin what you were doing. After this realise, "I coped with my anxiety symptoms" and know that you will cope with whatever your body throws at you every time, which in turn lessens your anxiety. Good luck. Jess xx

  • I know anxiety also has roots in the fear of being sick in front of people. I myself have been feeling pretty good this week...I have two things I'm working on...first the easier one - riding through the first twenty minutes or so not allowing myself to become convinced that I do feel sick...the second one - more difficult - is the hope that I can eradicate this fear with hypnotherapy becasue all I had done before was supress the fear and stress brought it back out... I don't mind supressing it but it is still there...I will of course write about if hypno works for me or not, but I figure if the brain can convince you into anxiety reactions then it can bloody well convince you not to react that way ;)

  • Hi guys thank you so much for your replys, I'm feeling very low at the moment, not been in work again and been sick this morning - it was bile. Not ate all day, I can't help thinking its not my anxiety, my doc gave me anti-sickness tablets for nw. I hope hypnotheraphy works if so I will be givin it a try xxx

  • hi tinker1.....the inspection went well apparently, but my mood dipped. I'm going to head to bed soon as I think I might be overtired & when I am overtired I've found that I can't feel as positive :(

    Good luck with your sickness xxx

  • hi there, yep I can relate to this! sometimes I wonder too whether I am actually ill or if it's anxiety but I have diazepam for 'extreme' attacks and the sickness goes :( can often lead to vomiting - I too have a phobia of this. I too have thought of hypnotherapy - it's just the money side of it that is holding me back at the mo.

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