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Any positive feedback

Been dealing with this anxiety for 2 years and symptoms seemed to have changed recently and it happened after I had a few good days, now I'm feeling offbalance and brain fog, recently quit chewing tobacco but I had some coffee this morning and had an episode of shortness of breath and then a surge of adrenaline, also feels like theirs head pressure which all these symptoms is making my mind wonder and think the worst

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Are you still there? It's hard to believe that no one responded in 5 days. If you check here, I'll see you responded and we can talk. I'm familiar with anxiety and adrenaline surges. Brain fog, too. I hope you connect with someone who can help you. Talk later.


I'm here

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What's up?


What is "the worst" that your mind is thinking?


I wish i could help. I noticed some panic symptoms but with your other symptoms not sure what it could be.

If you are worried definitely try the doctor. Also remember you may have side effects from getting off the tobacco.


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