Friday Feedback

Hi Everyone!

I hope your all enjoying your Sunday.

Thank you for your responses on the 'Introductions' blog.

From this Friday I will be rolling out a Friday Feedback blog .

It will be every week and we can all post the 3 Positive things or 3 things that made us happy for that week :)

I know another member before the transition used to create it and I thought it is a great concept and i would like to carry it on.

Participation is voluntary of course and if you have any feedback or ideas- let me know!



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13 Replies

  • Great idea. It's always good to encourage folk to find some positive things even if they are only little things. I look forward to seeing what's occurring (and maybe get some new ideas for me too) x

  • Hi missd! Thanks for your comment:) Yes it will be great to get some ideas from each other :D

  • I have 4 negatives , deleted my reply 4 times :-D

    So try again

    I will give it a go , could be I can only manage I watched Will-i-am 3 times this week & it made me happy , but if that will do , then I am in ;-)


  • I was wondering what was happening as I saw your response and it suddenly disappeared haha. Don't worry it doesn't even have to be 3. Just do what you feel comfortable with :)

  • Was having a dizzy moment lol

    Could try one then , I will write it down during the week if it happens , so I dont forget lol


  • Okie dokie :D

  • Great idea I loved it wen everyone done this last time xxx

  • I think this is a great idea, and I have things I have to work on don't I whywhy.



  • Yes you do Bonnie , will be looking for yours on Friday (laughing face )



  • Why can't I post blogs? I've posted 3 in the last 2 days, none of them have come up... Grrrr!

  • Hi muffin

    Have been wondering where you have been , its been really quite lol

    Think you need to email HU & tell them hun

    Just post where you want , message one of us & we will say this is muffins post & then you can take it over (just a thought )

    Hope you are doing ok hun


  • Hi Muffin! Sorry about your blogs.

    Click support(in the green banner) or email to notify of any issues.

  • This might help my self esteem issues, I will find it hard to give 4 positives!

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