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I've had anxiety for 3 plus years and my symptoms change a lot. My latest one is sharp pains in my lungs and also my lungs feel really weird, like they aren't working or they aren't there? It's really worrying... I've been to the doctors and I've had an X-ray on my lungs but I won't have any results for another 3 weeks so if anyone has any advice I'd really appreciate it!


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  • MysticNova, I don't understand why the results from a lung x-ray should take 3 weeks. If it were something serious that needs immediate attention, you would be called within 24 hours. Did the doctor say why he did a chest x-ray or was it upon your request? Do you have other symptoms regarding your breathing or wheezing? Did you have a fall? Are you on birth control? I'm sure your doctor took all this into consideration. You do have the right to call his office to get results of the x-ray sooner. His office can call over to the x-ray department and get a head's up on your test. This will alleviate a lot of unnecessary worry especially for 3 weeks. You are young and you have health anxiety which most likely will end up being the reason for your concern. Let us know what the results are. Good Luck x

  • In terms of who requested the X-ray it was a somewhat mutual decision. I've been to the doctors at least 4 times over the past month so the doctor wanted to be definitely sure everything is ok. My heart was checked and I got my results there and then and everything is fine! But they said call in 4 weeks (this was last Monday) for your results. I'm not on birth control, haven't had a fall, I've had wheezing but that was only once or twice. I do panic that I cannot breath but again there isn't anything actually stopping me from breathing. My lungs get worse when I am lying in bed, I'm also not sure if it's too do with the tension I have in my back? Once I get my results I'll be sure to share what I can. Xx

  • MysticNova, I too have a lot of tightness in my upper back that goes through to the upper chest. When we suffer from anxiety, we tend to hold our body rigid without even realizing it. When I lie down, I too can feel the tight feeling in the chest wall muscles. I've had my share of x-rays and tests over the years and it's always a good idea to start with that before blaming everything on anxiety.

    Sounds like you are in good hands and your doctor is just making sure you are okay. I wish you well dear. Meanwhile during the wait, it might help if you use some meditation or relaxation exercises that you can find on YouTube. x

  • Thank you so much for your advice and help! It really means a lot to hear it from someone else. Hope everything goes good for you. I'll be sure to try meditation/yoga. X

  • A thought for you. Anxiety is a problem with your mind not your body. Your mind thinks you have a physical problem, your mind convinces you are I'll when all along it is your mind at fault. Like a faulty engine light in your car even though your car engine is ok.

    Hope this helps


  • I need to work on not letting my mind take over. Staying active is definitely the thing that helps me the most.

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