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Right 2 weeks ago I was told to come off Citalopram was only on 10mg but ever since I've I've had is aches and pains and the aches and pain are really freaking me out I think I'm riddled with cancer!!!! I think I need to go back to the docs and ask to go back on them ? Had pain under boob on my right side started this arvo really worrying me had pain on left boob that I went to docs about and they felt around listened to heart and lungs and felt glands in my armpit too and all fine which is good but I can't stop worrying


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  • Hi I get pain all over too and in my boobs too I think the same about the c word but I think maybe it cos my aunty only just died of it, I think we just think bad stuff and think we're gonna die xxx

  • The pain is like right under my left boob n more I think about it I keep getting hot flushes I think it's coz I'm worrying ??? Maybe I need to go back on meds as not been this bad in a long time worrying like this xx

  • Ye I get it there too, I think its all in r heads I've had a few bad days but coming on here really helps, I'm sure ur OK we do worries a lot over something and nothing xx

  • Yep, I think I need to chill out I was only on 10mg but it must of been doing something as not worried or had hot flushes in a long time, I hate being like this worrying 24/7 feel like crying at the mo :-(

  • Aww pls don't cry,I worrie all the time, I was up till 4 this morning my head thinking stupid thing pls try not o worrie, im here if u need me xx

  • I think I need to go back on the tablets only come off them 2/3 weeks ago and it's like a down hill spiral, I was on them for near enough a year and barely went to the doc was there yesterday n would be back there now if I could x

  • Hi I've just come of them in the last 3 weeks. I was on the 10 mg I was on them for 4 months. I gained nearly a stone in that time. I have had the pains under my boob in my chest even spent 10 hours in A&E having ECG and blood tests one Saturday. Sometimes I wish I was still on them but I hate the weight gain. Take care.xx

  • Hi sorry your not in a great place,

    Why were you told to get off the meds?

    I was told breast cancer does not cause pain. You get the lumps or nasty discoloration on the breast but no pain.

    Have you brought all this concern to your doctor?

    Hopefully things get figured out.

    I'm fighting the fear of the big C word, ovarian cancer, it's never ending what ifs and it's a constant replay of your mind telling you something is wrong and a certain percent of the time are just false warnings since our adrenalin pumps when we get a new pain or sensation that makes our pain think of doom. Take a breather and if you've been given the all clear make it your mantra that you are fine and healthy while breathing in deeply.



  • Yep she felt around and felt glands in my armpit n said all fine, I think it's my mind going into overdrive and I need to chill out, coz I put on like a stone in 1 year he said come off them just stop taking them and stopped prescription I'm going to go back and say I think I need them going on holiday at end of month and I can't be doing with worrying 24/7 on holiday as can't go docs abroad for any ache or pain

  • An aunt said she gained weight with citalopram, is that a common thing?

    You have to have faith in that u are cleared and try to cope with this.

    Everytime you start thinking it stop yourself and say "nope I AM OK!"

    And see what other med they can recommend as soon as it is possible.

  • Well I've woken up this morning in a positive mood I'm fine there no was pain when I woke up this morning until I started thinking about it, so def think it's anxiety xx

  • I have severe SEVERE health anxiety and I can tell you from lots of experience with it your mind can cause ANY feeling in the world on its own because of your anxiety and what your worried about. I worry about my heart health 24/7 I cant help it I just do and I have horrible chest pain numbness and pressure but ive been to the hospital multiple times and after all the tests are run they say im healthy as a horse. Your minds power is unbelievable and it will create pain, feelings anything your mind or even subconscious mind is dwelling on. I hope you feel better and one of the things that's been helping me is embrace your anxiety, embrace knowing that "what im feeling is anxiety its nothing serious and ill be ok" it helps I promise. Also I worry abut my heart but im only 26 I work out daily and run every night but I still cant help it lol

  • I'm only 27 I go to docs and then I come home and think what if they missed something like pain in my chest it's still there, she didn't do a ECG said she listened to heart n sounded fine, I need to try to stop worrying x

  • Hey! Im sorry your feeling crappy, but you need to know regardlss of the medication if you've been on it for a prolonged period of time and now you stop, your body will show random signs of withdrawl. What your feeling is most likely your body saying in its own way "hey where the heck is my medicine ive grown accustomed too?!?". Don't worry so much and when your in pain lay down close your eyes, put both your hands on your chest and count each breath up too 10 slowly and do that over and over until you reach 100 and I promise you the pain will of subsided. I genuinely hope this helps please lemme know if it does!

    God bless

  • Hi all,

    I was on citlopram for 7 months and actual lost weight at the beginning because of nausea didnt gain any after that past ( 2 weeks).

    It did calm me down a nit but because at the time undiagnosed I am actual suffering from OCD it didnt do much for that. Am starting setraline today as I have very bad pelvic pain due to tight muscles and cant seem to keep checking on it even when it is not there. Would like to do this myself but I feel with this is CBT for 4-6 months I should be back on track and get rid of this heath anxiety/ocd for life!

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