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Need reassurance

So I've had a fairly rough couple of days. I've started getting jaw pain as well as in my ribs. It's like I'm falling apart and I'm terrified to take medication. I've been debating getting an endoscopy done for pain in my lower rib cage just because every time i go to the doctor they say they see nothing that screams my heart or lungs have a problem. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to keep calm when you keep showing the symptoms of a heart attack?

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Hi Btdoffing, Is that what you think it is? That's good that you've been to the doctor and they see no alarm for any heart or lung issues. You don't really have to take meds to achieve calmness. It might be a good idea to start finding other methods to relax your mind and body.

Did you know that deep breathing in itself, can calm the heart down in moments. A site I go to every day is on YouTube. I type in and then find "Sinking & Slowing Breathe Meditation" It works on the sympathetic nervous system. An excellent way to spend 10 minutes of your time. I wish you peace & calm.


My doctor said I should be reasonably assured that I have no problems but it's difficult when I have all the same symptoms of heart issues. I just can't never help but wonder if they keep missing a problem :(

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Btdoffing, I know. I understand how hard it is to believe when the symptoms hang around. But try to not let the negative thoughts fill your mind everyday. The mind/body connection is so strong.


I get the jaw pains too, often when you're stressed or anxious you clench your jaw without realising, sometimes even in your sleep too! This can lead to an achy jaw x


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