Need Reassurance

So, Today I had my follow up with my pcp after my hospital stay. For the last week or so I have been complaining of full body pain.  (I even made a post on here about it) Then today my pcp was all excited over my white blood count. He also mentioned my platelets. When I was in the hospital I had the flu and received a TON of fluids but now that I have had to have repeat blood work for extremely low WBC, I am panicked. Of course I "googled" it - BIG mistake! Now, I am convinced I have cancer. And that of course is causing my heart to race and skip beats....  :((


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7 Replies

  • No don't listen to Google, just wait on what your doctor tells you and trust in God that you'll be okay 😊 relax and breathe 

  • Thank you, I am trying.

  • I know it's not easy but really you're okay (: 

  • I hope you are right. I am so afraid.

  • Don't be we're all here for you 

  • Thanks!

  • It's understandable, but sooooo.... many things affect your labs.  Your doctor can see the big picture & context, which Google cannot.

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