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Terrifying symptoms. Need reassurance!

Hey all! I joined here a couple of days ago and have been reading through a lot of different posts, some of which have brought me great mental relief. There's a couple of things that I'm experiencing however that are absolutely terrifying me and I can't seem to find anyone else with similar problems! Would love to hear from anyone on here who has the same experiences, or who can explain what the hell is going on!

Basically, I get these "episodes" or waves of feeling LITERALLY like I'm on the verge of dying/ passing out/ having some sort of seizure. My entire body (or at least arms and legs) goes insanely weak and tingly,as if everything's just stopped working, and my stomach area and head feel like they are going to explode with this like intense tingling/ tickling/ churning sensation that is SO HARD to actually describe! These can vary quite a lot in intensity and duration, however most of the time they come on almost instantly and out of the blue (during exercise, at rest, whilst "calm" or when anxious) , with extreme debilitating intensity, and last for a few minutes at the very least. I've had days since this all started (which was christmas day...) where it's not been quite as bad, with only a couple of weak episodes that don't really bother me, but also days (most days) where it's pretty much constant, rendering me frozen whereever I'm sat all day, unable to do anything, and absolutely terrified for my life. I really don't know how I've got this far without calling emergency services.

In the times between these horrific episodes, I just feel dead. A lot of the time I'm quite off balance and it feels as if I'm walking on a matress or a boat in moderatley stormy sea. I'm lightheaded and/ or dizzy and really weak pretty much all of the time and get all kinds of horrible sensations all over my body nearly 24/7 and it's REALLY starting to affect me mentally. I'm currently seeing a therapist for CBT which is definitely helping me emotionally, but there seems to be no sign of let-up in my physical symptoms, and that's the bit I really can't deal with! I had an ECG done a month ago which was all clear (although I wasn't symptomatic at the time that they did it and an therefore convinced that they missed something...) and I've had a blood test done for blood count, liver and kidney function which was also all clear. I'm just really at mely wit's end now with being told it's just anxiety 'cause I'm SO convinced it's not. I don't really have what I'd call panic attacks, never hyperventiallte (or at least, my breathing seems normal) and my heart although elevated and slightly irregular sometimes (which dictor says is normal) rarely ever pounds, only when I'm really anxious, like waiting for an appointment etc.

If anyone can realte to any of this, a response would be HUGELY appreciated! Cheer's guys and gals, apologies for the novel ;L x

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Hi. I think most people on here can relate to this. I know i can. Anxiety is horrible but just know it will pass. Try telling yourself that its just fear and try to calm yourself down. I dont know if you take medication but if not and this isnt going away then i suggest you do. I have had so many heart attacks and brain tumours not to mention stomach cancer and burst appendix not of which have being real just me thinking it so you are not alone. Chin up and welcome to the looney club :) oh and try keep a sense of humour


I know exactly what you're going through. What you should do is write a list of your daily routine, and document when you have these episodes. Also, understand that your mind influences your brain which controls your body. Get into a positive daily routine, pray about it(if you're a religious person ☺), and I guarantee that you'll start feeling better 😃


Hi. Sorry to hear your having s hard time with it. I can assure you that what your experiencing is normal, a lot of people are going thorough the same. It's hard to believe but a lot of it is subconscious and this is why it happens out of the blue. For me, I like to distance my self, sit down and slow heavy breathe for 5/10 mins to calm my body down.

It's very hard and scary to deal with, but you have to tell yourself 'I am OK'. 😊


Hey there, we could be twins!!!! You have just described everything that I suffer every day and am terrified of!!!!

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Yes , good description!! Have had most anxiety feelings mostly physical especially boat feeling and funny waves that I actually can't describe too well 😕.. Welcome to this site!


Sounds just like me when it all started, I also called them episodes. The good thing is you have been checked by the doctor with good results. They definitely sound like panic attacks. The next step is to believe that its anxiety, if you can truly accept and believe it you will be on the road to recovery. I also for a very long time could not accept it i was sure it was medical and I still have doubts but I've had so many tests and they can't find anything wrong. You are having the attacks daily this will definitely wear your body out that is why in between these episode you feel so terrible, panic attacks and anxiety are very tiring for the body.

I read a book called Dare by David McDonagh and it has helped me heaps. It talks about acceptance and losing the fear of the symptoms. Look into it.

Hope you feel better soon :)


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