Need reassurance

So to make it quick an hour or so ago I started feeling weak and maybe even faint and I didn't know why and it was setting off my health anxiety obvs thinking my heart is stopping or I'm about to stop breathing but then I stopped and realized. When's the last time I ate? And that was at 1pm today and for under 12 hours I didn't eat anything else and at that moment I suddenly felt soooo hungry. So am I just feeling faint from not eating all day pretty much or could it be anything else? I do have iron deficiency so eating for me is crucial


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  • yep its defs bcz you havent eaten!!you must eat, and take iron supplements or eat foods rich in iron like red meat,you will be fine!i have the same.thing too so im taking supplements for it. take care Xx

  • It's really worrying me especially coz I keep getting this weird sharp pain in my chest on my left side above my Breast maybe just below my collarbone and my mind keeps telling me its heart even tho I do have a muscle problem in that area and whenever it flares up it's painful and I guess tensing it from anxiety didn't help it so probably that's why but still and I stopped taking supplements when my iron was back to normal as that's what my doctor told me to do. Diet wasn't good with iron but I do take multivitamins which I started two weeks ago that have a lot of other vitamins I need including iron and I started eating more iron rich foods so hopefully it hasn't gone down or If it has it'll go back up! Thank you for your response!

  • yep its probs ur muscle problem bcz its in that specific area and being anxious and tensing up makes it a whole lot worse! dont worry about it,have you spoken to your doctor about your concerns with ur heart?

  • Yeah I had multiple ekg I think that's what it was and every time it was perfect. So was my oxygen. Had Multiple blood tests done too everything fine except the iron of course. Even had my heart checked when I felt my worst once during anxiety and it was still in its normal heart rate and everything so that's what they're not worried about it And I shouldn't be either but you know how anxiety is. My chest pains used to be so much worse once and I'm guessing it was hard for my muscle to heal when everyday I would be having panic attacks and tensing it and breathing too much but slowly I stopped and now I get the occasional muscle pain

  • yep then youre defs fine then! i know its hard to convince your brain that because of the occasional "what ifs" pops up in your mind heck i deal with really bad health anxiety too with my heart but you just gotta try and avoid the sensations and say that youre fine! or just ignore them! i promise you that if u do that then it will all go away with time!! good luck X

  • Yeah when I started to ignore them I got better and better until it became easier to ignore. I do still occasionally find myself asking my mum questions like "it's not my heart tho right?" "That's normal yeah?" But not like I did everyday xD sometimes I actually think if I didn't have health anxiety just normal anxiety I would be 100% better now but yeah. Thank you! And good luck to you too! Xx

  • thats good!! it just goes to show that nothing is wrong and anxiety is just playing tricks on you! but thats good that you are reassuring less and less because if all you did was reassure than it would be an endless cycle and you will never overcome it. im hearing good results so keep up the good work!! and thank you xx

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