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Lump in breast

Good morning. I just came from my routine annual appointment with my doc, and he found what he believes to be a fatty tumor in my breast. He explained to me that as it moved around a lot, he is not concerned about it being cancerous at all, but is sending me for tests anyway for proper diagnosis. Of course, the imagine center can't get me in until after my 2 week vacation coming up... so now I'm freaking out. The doc said "don't lose a minute of sleep over this", when I asked him should I worry, but of course, even though I trust my doctor completely, I'm worried. Any words of advice?

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It doesn't sound worrying and if you're under 25, it used to be that you wouldn't be given an urgent appointment as breast lumps are so common and low risk at that age.

The general advice is resist the temptation of frequent checking - only once per week, and many will spontaneously disappear.

If you get really anxious you could get a private test done or change your holiday??

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I'm 37... I am having the ultrasound done the day BEFORE my vacation. So I'm truly praying it's nothing so I can have a great trip. .. Well obviously I will pray it's nothing for more than just my trip.. but you know what I mean.


Well its good to get the ultrasound done before your trip. So not too long to wait and the chances of anything worrying are probably low, so distract yourself and try and get your head elsewhere


PotterBook, my wife had this a couple of weeks ago, we had to wait a week for a mammogram which was a worry, but it was o.k. Your doctor knows what he's talking about, he went to medical school for five years remember and sees over 50 patients every week, he wouldn't be so definite in what he told you unless he was absolutely sure. So you go ahead and enjoy your vacation and if you find yoursekf worrying just remember his words: "Don't lose a minute's sleep."

Just imagine how you'll feel if you cancelled your vacation - and then get the all clear!


Yes I get these periodically.. my doctor told me to lay off caffeine i.e. Pop and yes even chocolate and they will disappear. Not sure why but I do this a week before my annual for the last few years and he hasnt found anything lately (I am also 38 years old)...just a thought.


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