Not wanting to go out ?

Here I am again Wednesday day off don't want to go out without someone with me this is 3rd week in a row I've been stuck in .so tired all the time if my husband says it's the menapause or my stroke I will sick of me 😩Even thinking about trying to do all my xmas shopping in one day.hate shopping centres know I used to love shopping meeting friends know I use all my energy for my job and have nothing for myself.keep saying pull yourself together but I'm exhausted know feel depressed my stroke doctor said I was but I ignored his comment and his prescription for anti dressants.i feel safe in house?? For gods sake bev you can do it!!!!' Sorry for posting pure negative thoughts.


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  • Good Morning, So dont go out right now. Why dont you shop online and take your mind off the idea of going out. Maybe tomorrow.. go out for lunch or something light. Do something small. Sometimes its ok to take care of ourselves today. Have you talked with the doctor about Benzos to help with these high panic times? They can be used just to ease the anxiety. You are not alone. I have some thoughts that go in my head as well but each day you have to try and work within your limits. Dont try to overwhelm yourself. Its ok.... :)

  • Thanks 🙏 for reply.acceptance is the key will keep trying lucky person living in America 🇺🇸.🤗

  • I'm in the UK and I know what it's like to have an illness you didn't expect and then to live with the aftermath, but you have to try. Force yourself !. No one wants to go out when they're bad with anxiety and depression but I can guarantee that if you don't nip it in the bud now you'll re-enforce the fear and it will grow and grow till you won't got out at all.

    Have you tried Magnesium glycinate ?. It thins the blood and makes your arteries open up so lowering the chances of stroke etc. It also raises your mood and lowers anxiety. It also gives you energy !.

    You can do it Bev !! And for your own sake force yourself.

  • Thanks Tim wise words 🤗 Just started magnesium on Sunday so will see and you are right ive got to keep going.when my daughter gets in I'm going out shopping I have to !!!!😊

  • No need to apologize. I don’t think any of us would be here if everything was going great for us.

    I agree with the comment of giving yourself a break and staying in if it makes you feel better and maybe looking into ordering things online vs going shopping.

    If you’re so hard on yourself, you might make it worse. It’s exhausting to fight yourself, and sometimes self defeating. If you feel fatigued, your body needs to rest. The nicer you are to your body, the nicer it’ll be to you.

  • Great advice thanks 🤗X

  • Hopefully it helps you 🙏 take care.

  • No never be sorry about how you feel . you are strong with just telling others how you feel. you just have to take baby steps and free your mind of all the negatively , seems like your juggling so much in one day. not good for you. it's okay with going out with someone , it's not gonna be easy just yet going alone outside , seems like your rushing yourself. take your time it's okay please and never get discouraged. Xmas shopping I know can be a hassle at times but u said u used to love shopping , find out what made you happy about shopping get in the spirit of it again .

  • Thanks for your kindnesses ⭐️.small steps great advice x

  • How are you today? feeling any better?

  • Little better been to work,nursing hard work but rewarding.exhausted know.neck stiffness and stressed but I'm are you today?🤗

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