really confused

idk y im so scared to go to sleep im just terrified rn all bc of my shortness of breath and my negative thoughts and the dreadful dying feeling everyday i just hate it i talked to my therapist today and i explained everything to him and he said its just anxiety doing its worst its so depressing i don't wanna sleep bc im so afraid very afraid i mean i had 2 ekgs done and blood work and it came back normal im just 16.


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  • so sorry, i kno what your goin threw anxiety pratically took over my everyday and i jus dont kno what to do i cant ignore the thoughts, feelings or anything

  • Are you talking any medication for anxiety?

  • And no

  • I have something on my page that talks about this .. I don't know what you mean by shortness of breath . But if it feels like your shortness or breath or are ? I know sometimes I get shortness of breath at night due to acid sitting up to high in my chest area {heart burn} and sometimes when I'm dozing off I wake up fast feeling like I'm not breathing .. but I am. It sounds like anxiety tho .. some times you have them as you wind down at night . Hope this helps ..

  • Thank u

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