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Worries About Brain Tumor.

Hi everyone, so basically I never get headaches, as stress full as life gets I just don't get them, Ive had one bad one but it lasted one day. But now it's different.

Ive had increased anxiety this last week because I was sick to my stomach and a couple life things. For the last two days Ive had headaches, sleep seems to help a little but other than that I keep getting them. They mostly happen on my left side, my eye feels weird. Its not too bad, but its like a constant little ache. I have to keep taking pain meds to get rid of it or at least reduce the pain, the pin never really stops. Unless Im really focused on something else. When I press on the left eye it hurts, Im afraid its a tumor. I also have nausea. Since I don't get headaches often Im super scared about this one.

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I'm 99% sure you don't have a brain tumor. You would be dizzy also most likely seeing double and losing your coordination.

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thanks for the reply it helped a bit


Hi there, you know I went through the same issue. For me I never had headaches but started getting them from nowwhere. It was a constant ache on left side , it's all I could think of is that this is it. The headache would last all day and evening.

A feeling of doom and gloom. You know the usual. I finally convinced my doc for an MRI. They kept calling me and I kept putting it off. I knew it was in my head. It's so odd the mind does two things.

Eventually I get the Mri and two days later the doctor office calls and says they want to see me. Coarse I'm peeing my pants thinking well this isn't good. I go into the office and he tells me just wanted to say everything is fine.

If you had a brain tumour the symptoms would be getting more intense with other issues. More than likely I had a cluster headache. They can come out from nowhere and hang out for a bit.

Go with the flow my headaches went away. Now it's time for me to obsessed about something else.... good luck😀


It is a good idea to get a CT scan and resolve your worries once and for all.

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Hello, I've had severe anxiety about headaches before and taken myself off to A and E with them several times:-(. It's really horrid, I sympathise +++. BUT please try not to panic - it's highly unlikely to be a tumour - i bought a book about headaches and was amazed at the different sorts and the strong relationship between stress and H'aches. Make sure you're drinking enough water (but not too much!) as dehydration is a common cause of headaches. Have you been to get it checked? My heat goes out to you - it's grim feeling so anxious about your health and being anxious just increases the symptoms - a horrid vicious circle..... :-( :-(


Hey what was the name of the book? ☺️


Hey dude

So from what you tell me you sound like you are experiencing tension and/or migraine headaches due to stress and anxiety

I'm 23 and woke up with a headache late last year and now I get them daily and i have had every test and seen a neurologist and have a migraine disorder

When you start to overthink about things and start to panic your body reacts to that stress and adrenaline kicks in which causes the brain to be extremely hyperactive as well as the nervous system which is exactly how it works for me

Pain medication doesn't work for me at all either I take a specific medication which reduces the severity of my headaches

Basically what I am trying to get at is stop stressing about it and see your doctor for peace of mind just because you have had a headache does not exactly mean you have a major health issue I thought the same thing as you and I still do to this day it's just choosing whether or not to accept how you feel



Hi, the book was called 'Coping with Headaches' by Shirley Springett - but this was years ago (I was 24 and had headaches all the time for months :-( - I'm now 43 !) The only review for the book on Amazon says it's out of date - it looks like there's a few others out now which might be better.

In the end I got some relief from my headaches by seeing an osteopath though that might have been more because she was empathic and also because I finished my PhD months later!!


Sounds like a tension headache , or migraine which are normally one sided . But does not sound like brain tumor. And as you said it fades as you focus on something else. That's good .😊❤️


Honestly, when my eyes hurt like that, it's usually due to sinusitis - but I am as prone to catastrophizing as the next person - probably more so! :-D Hope all the replies have set your mind at rest a little bit :-) Best wishes, Wendy x

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Good day-

Our thoughts have amazing ways of manifesting good and bad. When you are in a "negative" state (such as when coping with anxiety, ailments, or depression), you can only focus on these "life altering" thoughts. Fortunate for us, there's nothing life altering about these thoughts. Thoughts have NO POWER!!!

Anxiety builds and builds as we think more and more. I can personally say that when I think to much, I end up convinced I have some extraordinary sickness or disease, is usually stemming from a build up of thoughts. I have OCPD, so obsessing and coming up with reasons is a challenge.... ALWAYS! Be careful too of researching ailments on the web too much to find the "causes" of why you're feeling that way. It's better to recognize the feelings, write them down, write down what events may have put you there, and share your notes with your therapist.

I sent myself into major depression involving panic attacks, bodily fatigue, digestion problems, headaches, teeth grinding through my research, spending upwards of 12-15 hours a day reviewing medical journals, doctor's publications, studying MRIs, X-rays, and reading case studies. Just a bit extreme you're thinking, right? It was!

Try and recognize the thought patterns as they are happening. Attempt to shift thoughts away from that place by saying these out loud:

"This is just my mind and anxiety creating false stories."

"These thoughts are not a result of facts."

"I know that these thoughts will pass and I will feel better shortly."

"I enjoy feeling better when these negative thoughts end."

Namaste 🕉


More than likely it's not a tumor. As you age your body changes, so expect things to happen that are new. "There's a first time for everything." They say. I never had headaches in my younger years until I hit about 26. Then got massive migraines 3-4 times a month. I thought I had brain cancer. Anxiety does it, and being slightly anemic can cause them. As the years went on my headaches went away. I still get mild ones here and there but no more migraines. Check to see if you may be slightly anemic, or id say it's just anxiety. Allergies can trigger headaches as well. Brain tumors are usually associated with maybe nausea, vomiting, doubled vision, and an overall a "I don't feel good" feeling. Even migraines cause nausea, so I wouldn't worry too much. Relax. 😊


nah you dont have a brain tumor . consult your doctor .. i think your problem is 50% physiological that will go away in some days . dont worry

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