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I have no clue whats happening to me someone help!!!!!!

Hi im arlyn i have problems sleeping at night because i can't fall asleep because my heart starts racing and i feel like i can't breath this has been happening to me for about 4 years i know i haven't told my doctor i think it might be more then anxiety and also when i get is a big crowd or do something where my heart starts racing something else happens. I get these felling were my mind has these very little blackouts but im there but i feel like im not i have nooooo clue how to explain that but i can feel that its not normal which scares me a lot . i hope some one knows what it is cuz i haven't seen it online. PS. i am 12 turning 13

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Ive just posted a reply about similar

Beware I think that this site is restricted for those over aged 16 as there are safeguarding risks for younger people

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Hi Arlyn, I am sorry you are experiencing these issues. However, 12 years old is way too young to be on this forum. You need to turn to your parents especially since this has been happening to you since you were 8 years old. Don't be afraid to let an adult know what you are feeling. You should be seen by a doctor. Whether it's anxiety or a physical issue, it needs to be addressed so you can enjoy your life. I hope you understand, we cannot have you on this forum. It is a safety measure for your protection. Stay safe x


Hi arlyn God your awfully young poor little thing yes it does sound like anxitey I get that falling asleep and in crouds to but when this happens I just look at the floor breath in for 7 secs hold for 6 and out for five it does help me but you really have to concentrate on your breathing it sounds like your suffering from social anxitey I think you should go and get blood test done just to put your mind at ease hope you get everything sorted :)


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