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Don't feel myself anymore. Please help me out with this

I've been on klonopin for 8 months now

Im prescribed 0.5mg 3 times a day for anxiety

For awhile there I was just taking .25 mg a day... then when talking to my counselor he has told me that I need to be taking my prescribed dose. I'm not completely comfortable with that... at all

But now I'm taking .5 mg in the morning and .5mg at night to sleep.

I don't want to take this much.... I don't want to even take this medication at all. I feel as if I was pressured into it and now I have to take it

I've been feeling really spacey... I've been crying all the time.... I forget everything and I can't remember things. I chalk it all up to the klonopin

I want to stop but idk how. And I know that if go to my doctor and tell him this he's just gonna say " well quit taking it, you will be fine"

But I won't. I wanna taper off slowly... I want to get this crap out of my body. I feel like it has caused so many problems that then make me think I have to take a klonopin if that makes sense.

Ugh idk what to do

What would y'all do?

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Elizabeth04, I hear what you are saying. Medication has it's time and place for a while but once there is more anxiety in taking the meds, it's time to wean off them. After many years of being on a benzo, I decided I wanted off them and wanted my body and mind back under my control again. I told my psychiatrist who recommended the Dr. Heather Ashton's Method of Weaning off benzos.

It is a slow weaning process that gives you the least amount of side effects. You need to have your doctor's guidance and approval when you start. I will support you as well, you can PM me anytime. I've been off benzos 880 days now. Like an alcoholic who can tell you how long they have not had a drink, I count the days off benzos as a tribute to my freedom and life being mine again. Good Luck Elizabeth. x


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