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I don't care about myself anymore

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Honestly I am so frustrated. I'm 31 with 2 kids and a partner of 7 years. I should be enjoying life, planning a wedding, Living happily care free every day.

But everyday I am dizzy and have ear and neck pain. All the drs, tests, specialists say I'm fine........so what is wrong with me. I am happy with the people in my life etc. All that is wrong is this dizziness.

My ear hurts and feels on fire. But drs tell me I'm fine.

I try my best to be a brilliant mother.

I always looked after myself all my life and was never a risk taker......for what. What was the point in being careful and looking after myself, for this.

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Im the same as you everyday.i don't know where to start getting out of this mess.i haven't been out the house in weeks and it's eating me up now.cant even imagine feeling normal.you are not alone and this won't have forever.i guess we have to take the constructive advice this is written on here and get the guts to front this and accept it x

Hi Need-hope,

Because I’m not a doctor, I cannot address your physical issues. But, I’d like to encourage you & others such as Minnie87 who responded to your post, not to give up on yourselves.

One part of caring for yourself is not to be too hard on yourself & expect to be perfect all the time. It’s ok to be transparently vulnerable to those you appropriately trust the most. It’s ok to make unintentional mishaps & use what you learn to become wiser in such situations going forward. It’s ok to give yourself the attention you deserve when others just seem not to care. For, it’s important to love yourself in healthy ways so you can healthfully love others without feeling drained neglected & unappreciated no matter whether they show their appreciation or not. Because what truly matters & where lasting inner peace comes from is how you feel about you & the things in life you do. So I encourage you not to give up on 👉🏽You!

I'm in the same situation... I've suffered from constant dizziness for the past 2.5 years and it's taken my life away from me. Like you said, if the dizziness would just go away I would be able to carry on with my life.. it's hard to accept this as anxiety when I'm so scared of how I feel.

Ive Been dizzy for 4 years. After some extreme stress...cant get it to go :(

is yours constant like mine? or does yours come and go?

24/7 for all 4 years nonstop....the only way I survived was the anxiety went down a little in my life but the dizzy is always there. My head is also heavy feeling 24/7 and the world around me looks bright and fake kinda like being in a dream world

ME TOO EXACTLY. what have your doctors said??? i HATE living like this.

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Need-hope in reply to rachel913

I've had MRI and ent. Neurologist says I have "dysfunctional dizziness" pretty much they cani find a reason. But my ear hurts most of the time xx

Omg its so crazy right!? My doctors keep saying its just anxiety from the trauma I went through when it all first started... Idk anymore...but there isnt a physical cause ive had my head checked and everything...i just wanna feel normal again....its like derealization or something.

At first it was diagnosed as an inner ear disorder which can cause stuff like this also but not usually for 4 years...

I feel dizzy/woozy/off all the time. With big rushes of dizziness that really scare me x

Ur in club 99... club 99 is an imaginary place where v are given 99 blessings but v are exhausted searching for that missing one which may not exist also...

this is extremely common.. our mind is a mischievous one .. mind .. not brain.. both are different entities as u know..

Well ... the only solution to this is realising dt everything is fyn ...so no worries... so my mind is idle .. so it's acting out in this way bcoz it's wanting some activity...

this is common for most of the people and relax it will get better very soon..

best wishes..!! God bless 👍🏻

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