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Having a really bad time with aniexty OCD and panic attacks

Can so give me some advice as I don't no which way to turn, I'm having a bad time my aniexty is high OCD is high and intrusive thought are high and I'm Experiencing some panic attacks, I get these horrible thoughts of hurting people but I'm so petrified of hurting someone deep down I really don't wanna do it I just want to a good person as people no as and lead a nice clam life, I feel as though these bad thoughts are that powerful they are stopping me from being a good person and I don't know why this happens but the thoughts are that powerful. They made me say the bag for out loud saying yeah I do you wanna do something bad and then then all of a sudden all this anxiety comes in and then I can't think straight and I'm constantly panicking my breathing goes all funny I have to like put myself in a situation and think about the good and the bad and then when I think of all the good thoughts it makes me feel as though I'm back in control when I say I'm not doing anything that I want to be a good person XECTRA and sometimes the bad thoughts that powerful and I feel as though because it keeps happening then I finished though it's stopping me from being a good person I just wanna be the old me the girl what's a nice girl hard-working and here to help anybody I haven't got a nasty bone in me I wouldn't dream of hurting anybody it's my biggest fear I will absolutely petrified with all this people with OCD can get a bag for the bad for is that power flow and it's kind of like bullying you to make you say that bad for is that yeah that's what you wanna do then all of a sudden after you realise. No this is not what I wanna do X extra and then you trying to put it right and you Salish that you can't put it right it's there constantly there and also does anyone feel if they haven't got the thought right to how you want it to be you fillister you can't do this I hope anybody anybody can understand me because this is absolutely torturing me hurting me and trying to blame me all I just wanna be is a good person and just get back to having a good life because this is really ruined me can someone please help me it breaks my heart because of my little girl and my husband I just want to leave a happy calm life with my husband and baby girl

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Sorry my phones playing hope this makes sense guys


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