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Am I in the prodromal phase of scizophrenia?

Lately I feel like I'm going crazy - having weird thoughts like 'bite your finger off' urges to do random things, I don't feel like myself sort of like spaced out and high 24/7. I also get tinnitus at random points in the day. I think the main reason why Im worried is because a couple of years ago I thought people could read my mind and I physically made myself think about other things. This is a very common symptom of schizophrenia and i really worried???

I am 17 and have bad health anxiety and also derealisation but I'm scared i could be in the predome phase of schizophrenia I'm so so so scared please help me???

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Those who suffer from schizophrenia don't know thay have it. The answer to your problem is in the second paragraph of your post. Your anxiety is tricking you into thinking you have schizophrenia.


Exactly what Beevee just said...... anxiety will and does trick you into believing what you are not! Fight it back. In the end, you will prevail.


Don't worry, you are not developing schizophrenia! I've had the same worry for months now and my "crazy" feelings or thoughts didnt get worse — they've actually gotten better because my anxiety has gotten better and it gets better when I calm down and am more relaxed! And derealization is a common symptom of anxiety, and it cannot make you go crazy. Also, the weird thoughts/urges can also be caused by anxiety and anxiety disorders like OCD. But even just anxiety can cause OCD-like intrusive/weird thoughts, which I get also because of my anxiety (and cuz of my fear of going crazy).

Anxiety just makes you believe the worst thing possible is or is going to happen to you (and in our case, that "thing" is developing something like schizophrenia), even tho that's not true at all! :)


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