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Convinced I am going to die


So all was going well in my class last night until the 10 minute break came and I was daydreaming. For some reason my heart anxiety came on me again and when I thought about having a heart attack a huge thud came on in my chest.

Now this is where it's hard to explain. For some reason I feel like I should've died from that and now I'm in constant panicking feeling I shouldn't be alive right now. Now everything in the world feels uncanny. I know this sounds very strange which is why I'm freaking out that I'm the only one with anxiety that's panicking about this. Now my world is in crumbles! I don't want to die but my anxiety keeps telling me I should be because of that one trigger! :(

I recently have the cold so maybe that's what is making me feel this way. I also took some berocca, which are high vitamins that I heard have some side effects. Somebody help me please! I really hope this is just anxiety, and that these thoughts aren't going to kill me! :(

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Hey Marc, I’m so sorry you’re feeling so uneasy, but nothing is going to kill you and you are not going to die. Anxiety can be very very believable and even create physical symptoms that makes us believe even more. We can’t trust our thoughts for they don’t know our strength, that quote is so true. You’re fine and are going to stay that way. I hope you can relax and enjoy the day 🌸

Marc0133 in reply to RyRywifey

Hi RyRywifey

Thank you. Honestly last night was hell. I panicked more than I ever did. I purely believed my time was up. Now I'm in a state where I think nothing but my own death. I feel like I shouldn't be alive right now because my anxiety has made me believe I should be dead by now. Still, I turned out alright so it should be nothing more than an anxiety symptom. Thank you so much for responding and take care.

missymo in reply to Marc0133

I had a breakdown many years ago.the suden death of my husband when I. Do just got over cancer. My doctor put me on paroxetine and I've been on them 27 years. Yes they are addictive but if that's the only way I can step put of the door then so be it! My brother who I live with us seriously ill & I've got yet another big op to go through so if it works..take it! Life's to short. I still get anxious but what can you do but try relaxation & tablets??

Hello Marc. You have already received a very good reply and I don't anymore to offer. It was a very good reply.

When I went back to school as an adult, that caused me anxiety somedays that a friend also in school just asked me why I was so anxious. I have no idea, except it did. Studying for final exams had me "climbing the walls". School for adults is not easy. Your anxiety thoughts are not going to harm you or cause you to die. I made it through school, anxiety and all, and you will too. Later after you finish today, tomorrow and years from now, you will wonder why anxiety stuck its ugly head into your thoughts when your thoughts needed to be on learning. You'll see. You are not going anywhere but school right now and do well. :)

Marc0133 in reply to HearYou

Hey HearYou

Just to clarify it was a evening course at a college I am going to. lol

But thanks. Right now I hope this underlying belief that I am suppose to die will pass and I can get back track. Thanks. :)

HearYou in reply to Marc0133

Well adult reeducation still isn't easy. Really think your sneaky anxiety creeped out. If you have had a physical during the last year, don't believe it's physical.

Marc0133 in reply to HearYou

Yeah, I also currently have a cold, so maybe that's a reason why my anxiety has heightened like this.

Marc, for total reassurance go see your doctor and tell about the thump in the region of your heart but it all sounds very much like health anxiety to me. Anxiety exaggerates all our normal small fears and worries into major dramas and this is what has happened to you. Like everyone you don't want to die before your time, but anxiety has exaggerated this in your mind to the point where you fear death is imminant.

What you need to do is stop flooding your nervous system with fear, too much of this in the past has caused your nerves to become over sensitive. To recover from your strange thoughts you should accept these thoughts of death for the time being calmly and with the minimum of fear - knowing that the thoughts of death are just your sensitised nerves playing tricks on you. So tell the undertaker to stand down, his services are no longer required, accept all your anxiety symptoms and enjoy life.

Marc0133 in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks Jeff.

I was wondering if this was an anxiety symptom or not but it most likely is. Last night was the scariest for me when that happened. Now I can no longer enjoy my interests because my mind is so focused on me dying and that I shouldn't be alive right now. Thanks once again.

Jeff1943 in reply to Marc0133

Marco, these thoughts of death are just your anxiety talking. I've explained the process leading to why it happens but know from experience this does not provide an instant cure. May I suggest you read Claire Weekes' excellent little book on anxiety 'Self help for your nerves' available from Amazon. And do discuss it with your doctor who may want to do a test to reassure you, but if and when the test says everything is fine you will probably think the doctors have got it wrong but it will bring some reassurance never the less.

Marc0133 in reply to Jeff1943

Thanks again Jeff. As I said I currently have the cold so that may be the source of all this heightened anxiety, because my body's fighting it. Hopefully when I feel better my anxiety will lower down a bit.

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