Weak and tired feeling

Hi again, i was wondering if anyone gets the same symptons of weak feeling in your whole body example of using your arms for short periods of times gets weak hardly doing much but its exhausting me and im overly tired, i wonder if this is just a symptom of the propanol or the actual anxiety , im not currently having a panic attack just dont understand why i feel so weak from this


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4 Replies

  • This is caused by anxiety!!!

  • I read that the muscle weakness happens after a panic attack which makes since, but to be doing nothing at all nor having any panic attacks and feeling weak and tired is just crazy, i dont understand why this can take over your whole life and cause so many symptoms it truly sucks.....

  • Hi yep I have exact same. Weakness in arms and legs. It's horrible my docs say it's all due to anxiety, it's the chemicals the brain ect.. I'm still not accepting all this is due to stress ... makes life miserable x

  • I get this feeling everyday. Mine is where the body needs to rest. So I have a nap if very tired it doesnt matter what time it is. I have to pace myself and I am limited to what I can do having a rest after washing the dishes makes all the difference to my well being.

    If I do not have frequent rests during the day I get exhausted and in a lot of pain to which I am unable to stand this is due to my other health issues which are long term.

    You have to find a way of coping. Exercise is good if you can not get to a gym do exercises at home or go for a walk as fresh air is good for the lungs, the brain and the rest of the body.

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