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Feeling weak

Does anyone ever have days where they feel really weak, like in the legs/hands? I feel like my legs have no strength at all, and when trying to type my right hand is a bit shaky, feels weird. I thought I had now experienced every facet of anxiety but these symptoms do still scare me. Not sure whether to stay active and try fighting it or to rest ;( Never know what my body wants

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Hi yes weakness or lethargic is one of the symptoms of anexity I av experienced it loads you feel Asif you av a viral infection at the start of mine I was so weak the docs kept telling me I did av a viral !!!

They do fade in time

I just layed all the time but trying to keep active is a good thing coz it will take ur mind off the weakness



Or try a relaxation app or cd to try n relax ur muscles

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Thank you for that, I feel better knowing that it isn't just me going crazy!! x


Yes, i am constantly feeling like that. And it is because of anxiety. Well, it got so severe to the point now i am barely going outside because of it, because i didn't stay active. So, please stay active! If you do the opposite, just like me, you will probably end up like me too.


Thanks for your reply, i hope you get some relief and feel better soon. x


Hello StephOz,

I am so sorry to hear you are going through such a hard time with your anxiety. I do understand, and yes, I have had plenty of days of weakness, so much so, that I have such trouble getting up the stairs and I am exhausted. For me, I try to relax my brain with mediation , and going outside to feel the soothing sun on my face. It really seems to help, and taking little naps too.

I hope you feel better soon,



Thanks Jennifer! I do find the sun soothing. We have had a long, brutal Winter so I think I'm just not used to this environment and all the random effects on my body. The weakness seems to have subsided for now, but every week I seem to battle a different symptom. This week it's tummy upsets and weird head feelings. x


Oh StephOz, You sound sooo much like me. The weird head is the worst. It even effects my vision. Exactly as if I am looking at world through a dirty window, and it always accompanies with the weird head feeling. I also feel scared as if something bad is gonna happen. As for the tummy, I had problems with my stomach for year and every test you can imagine only to find it was my anxiety .

I am just wondering… Are you taking any medication for you anxiety , such as antidepressants ?

A big hug coming your way for I know what you are going through.



Yes we definitely sound alike! As much as I don't want anyone to have to go through it, it's nice in a way that I'm not alone. I have been diagnosed with IBS. I'm not taking medication for anxiety but am seeing a psychologist once a week, and taking a natural herbal 'rescue remedy.' i'm a bit scared to take medication because I'm scared I'll react and feel even more weird- if that makes sense. I can't take codeine and some other medications as in the past they made me woozy and pass out. Basically feeling sick/faint/nauseous/light headed are my major fears and so if medication has the risk of doing any of that I steer clear. Even though I probably should give something a try.


Hi StephOZ, I don't know how old you are, but I am 55 years old and I have had anxiety and depression my entire life, and yes, you are not alone and I am happy if that gives you some relief. and that you are not alone .

I would like to just share my story with you my experience with antidepressants. I had lived with all the symptoms you are going though and it was so difficult and difficult to rise my son and my daughter not feeling well. . Any bump in the road of life it intensified for me. My mother became ill and I just could not cope cause I was so delicate to begin with. Any pressure sent me over the edge. At this time in my life I was 30 years old and like you I did not want to try any medications for my anxiety and depression. I had no money to see a psychiatrist so I went to see my brother who was a doctor and he suggested to try an antidepressant so he prescribed me Zoloft . Well that made me feel sooooo weird in my head and I couldn't take. They made feel weird, tired, but the worst part of it , that weird medicated feeling. So I toasted them and went on feeling not well from all my anxiety . About 2 more years of feeling all this of weirdness in my head , and being tired, irritable , and so many physical symptoms , which I knew by than it was all from my depression and anxiety , but that didn't make it any less painful. I suffered because of my illness. I wasn't the mother my kids deserved.. I didn't do all the things that all the other mothers did, like class trips or back to schools nights, sports. My poor little son and Jen did nothing cause I was to sick. Than when I was 35 years I got sick with a flu. With every cold and flu my symptoms got worse, and it took months to go to back to my original horrible symptoms of depression and anxiety . So it was at that time after being sick I just could not regroup and my anxiety became so intense that I felt as if I was truly going insane and I could not function anymore, So my husband said that if he had to work over time he wanted me to see a really top notch psychiatrist . So we found a one. I told him all my symptoms and the session was 2 hours. I told him that I tried antidepressants and it only made me worse . He insisted I try one more time and told me to call him if I had any problems.. He prescribed me Paxil , a very low dosage and like always it made feel worse and I called him and he called me back within 20 minutes. I told him I felt weird. He said to me in a stern voice. " Stay with it and ignore those weird feeling, don't stop the medication " So I listened because he was a top notch doctor.. Weeks later I called again and told I now feel real nervous. Again he returned my phone call within 20 minutes. He said to me… " That's a good sign. Stay with it. " 6 weeks later I woke one morning, and I felt like I was in heaven. I went outside and the grass was so green and the flower were like something that I never experienced. I was in heaven… That day it was real early in morning and the dew on the grass looked like diamonds and I twirled around and around in my yard, and all that anxiety was gone, and felt beyond wonderful.. I was in pure heaven. I was on Paxil for 17 years. Yes, I did get break through symptoms , but the symptoms were not half as bad.

In 2009 my daughter passed away and I had a nervous break down and I have never been the same since. I went down and down and my psychiatrist suggested I needed to find a different antidepressant and still now I am experiencing all those original symptoms now and even worse. My doctor is working on finding a medication that will help me.

So that is story about antidepressants… I felt wonderful for over 20 years. But antidepressants have their down sides too. They tend to wear off and you need to find another one, and the second time it could not be easy and you could have to suffer a lot before finding another one that fits, and that could be a long time. Al through it could be easy too, it all depends on the person. Sometimes you end up having to need combinations of medications to help again over time. So there is a lot to think about before just jumping into an antidepressant.

AS my son older he begin to have symptoms of anxiety . Different symptoms of mine. It was stomach issues and he was not social at all and always worried about his health and very nervous. He was suffering so bad that I took him to the same doctor, and he started him on Paxil as well since it worked for me. After about 4 weeks he walked into the house and said to me. " Mom I felt happy today for no reason at all. I was so happy to hear those words. It did him wonders. He has been on the same medication for years. . It changed his life. He is now very successful , lives in NY city and his a 3 million cono . He told me without medication he never would have left the house and most likely still living at home.

So medication saved his life. As for my Jen which was her name born in 1983 that is why I use Jennifer 1983. She needed medication as well and refused to take it. She ended up over dosing and died. I still find that difficult to type.

So, again medication has it's pro and cons. Everyone has to make the right choice for themselves. It's not always an easy decision.

But I just felt the need to share my story with you.

I hope and I will pray for you. I am always here to give you support and you can talk to me anytime if it helps you.

Kim my real name. But you can address me as Jennifer if you wish. I send you a hug for I understand what you are going through.


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You are such a strong woman ❤

Your story gave me hope ❤❤

I hope you continue to live your life happily and one day will meet your precious daughter again ❤❤



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