Fear of general anaesthetic (gallbladder)

Hi all,

Went to durham university hospital on Wednesday about my gall bladder. But previous to this appointment went for a routine ultrasound for pain in the pelvic area and in the appointment she said it was for upper and lower. Got the results a month or so ago and got sent to durham for this app on Wednesday as they found 2 polyps in my gallbladder one 2mm and the other 7.5mm. I suffer from anxiety and a bit of health anxiety so this sent me onto overlaid as he said I could possibltvneed an operation I asked if I could be awake and he said no I gulped, he said I need to go back every 6 month for a ultrasound to monitor the growth for 2 year if they grow I will need an operation. If not I will get discharged. The thought of been put to sleep is making my anxiety through the roof. I'm thinking have I got cancer as one of the polyps is 7.5. My mind is going crazy. I've got pain between my shoulders on my back so I'm worried it could be a heart attack but thinking it could be wind also.

Do any of you feel anxious all day? Nearly everyday?

How do any of you relax?

Thanks jo


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  • Hello. Im sorry you're feeling this way. I think if the polyps were cancerous they would have told you right away. Did they say anything about having to test them? As far as being put to sleep, I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out and I was absolutely terrified of the anesthesia. I worried and had panic attacks over it for months before the surgery. The morning of I was shaking in the dentists office, my heart rate was super high, they asked me if I was nervous LOL. I thought I was going to die. Well, they slipped a small needle into my hand (which I could barely feel) and the next thing I remember is waking up after the surgery. Like no time had passed by at all. And I didn't feel high or groggy after or anything. I woke up perfectly calm and was able to walk right out in a few minutes. I think we're scared of anesthesia because it makes us feel like we're not in control. But trust me, it really isn't scary. I promise you will be okay. (:

  • I do feel anxious every day :( I've got pretty bad anxiety. I get random pains too.

  • Hello someone5673,

    Thank you for your response. I have only had a scan so not sure if they can tell by that or if they can even test it to see if it is anything other. Every time I go to appointments I don't use them properly because of anxiety and panic I come out of the doctors feeling worse because I have other forgot to mention something important or the doctors put everything down to anxiety. Was the anaesthetic general or local? When I go to the dentist they don't put you to sleep they only give local the stuff that makes you drunk like. Feels really good though and I'm awake which I'm ok with it's being knocked out totally.

    Yes I feel pains quite a lot lately but I've had quite a few panic attacks lately full on panic attacks from stress of college



  • I know what you mean about coming out of the doctor's feeling worse. I feel like I have so much ready to tell them but then when I go in I'm just anxious and eager to leave. It was general, but it wasn't scary. I'm more afraid of the drunk-like feeling to be honest.

    When you have panic attacks just try to take deep breaths. 4 seconds in and 6 seconds out, so you can make sure you aren't hyperventilating and getting too much oxygen. Also distracting yourself with something sometimes works if the attack isn't too severe. But if it is really bad and you can't do anything just try to remember that a panic attack has never killed anyone and that it will end and you're going to be okay.

  • Yep that's exactly how it happens for me or that they take to long typing that I forget lol. I'm sure il be fine it's just my mind playing with my thoughts. I tried the deep breathing with the last panic attack and it made my heart rate go up.



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