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Psychiatrist Problems!

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They said they were going to help me and see me once every 2 weeks at my local medical practice .... Well this was on the 16th of July! They have made an appointment for the 24th of DECEMBER! I called them and told them I was not coping well and worse than when I saw them last and they said they had no earlier appointments! I then told them how bad it had actually gotten for the person to then say on the other end of the line " well if it feels physical go to your gp or go to your local hospital"! I was abseloutly discusted in how they dealt with my problem! They're there to help people not turn them away when they are unwell, a gp can do nothing but shove more medication down your throat and a hospital will just refer you again to the mental health team! Aslong as the mental health team are getting their wage they couldn't give a monkeys about people with mental illnesses!

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When I had a bad relapse 4 months ago I went to my local a&e. They put me onto a crisis team. I live in Cumbria and they are really good with mental health issues. They visit twice a day even on weekends! I then had an appointment with the psychiatrist in that period who prescribed me pregabalin. Medication isn't the only answer but it is helpful at the start of recovery. Have you been to your a&e? You should not have to wait that long, unfortunately I will be a nuisance if I have too. Just keep presenting yourself at a&e or your medical practice everyday if you can. They will soon do something even if it is because they just want to get rid of you. I know this might feel awkward but it works. It is your health after all. Hope this helps. Take care.

Thankyou for the advice xx

Thankyou for the advice xx

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hi ellis, it does seem to matter where you live when your asking for help with mental health issues, we live in the north east and with us they are great, if you need help at any time 24/7 we can ring the crisis team, they will talk to you on the phone or come to see you, in the group there is a psychiatrist/ psychologist, 5 mental health nurses, mew mew is right, keep pestering them , you shouldnt have to do this but it can work, keep on to your doctor as well, hope your feeling a bit better, love jasper xx

Thankyou jasper xx

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