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I need a psychiatrist?

Hello, I have problems since a long time ago. I remember that I went through a child depression to an extent that gave me anemia at the age of 8, my life has not been completely normal because I have never shown interest in anything, my whole life avoiding reality through a computer. I never received help until I entered high school and and desperately asked for help, until about half a year ago I started to go with a psychologist, I go so badly in school that I had to talk about my problems to the teachers and that's where the psychologist of the institution told me that for such a long time with therapy I should already be recovering. My question is With all my history of problems would it be better for me to go with a psychiatrist?

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Hi Ibi-tann,

Thank you for sharing with us.

You have a "tricky" history. Since I am not a mental health specialist, I will propose an action plan based on my "what would I advise my friend?" theory.

If you have a long history, I wonder if the psychologist is actually doing any good. The treatment goal should be to recover to the best person you can be rather than just supporting you by listening.

I would like to suggest that you should check in with a primary care giver first. The reason for this is to:-

(1) check out your physical health status

(2) rule out any other medical condition that could have similar systems to depression and or anxiety.

(3) talk about medication (you do not mention that you take any medication so this might be an option in addition to therapy

(4) develop an overall treatment plan tailored to you.

When you book an appointment ask for extra time to discuss the whole story. I find it helps to write down a few notes about facts and then the questions I have (you can give a copy to the doctor).

After this, you could ask for a referral to a psychiatrist for a specialist review.

If the primary care giver believes that he/she needs more help to manage your condition it might be appropriate to split the care team in two, with the primary carer looking after your physical health and the psychologist / psychiatrist your mental wellbeing.

I wish you well


Yes u should see a psychiatrist and talk to your Doctor too


I think it's more likely that your anaemia caused your depression. There are many physical illnesses that cause depression either directly or indirectly due to the frustrations of not receiving adequate treatment. Depression is as much a physical symptom as a pain in your leg or stomach is. Look up your physical symptoms and see if they can all be grouped to a particular illness. Your brain is just another part of your body.


What other physical symptoms do you have?


As I said my condition is a long time ago, I mention childhood depression because they are not the same symptoms as those of an adult, my anorexia was due to lack of appetite and neglect of my parents. I have many reasons that keep me in this mood, traumas and family problems of a lifetime. Always and currently I have problems of concentration, difficulty to perform simple tasks, apathy, I totally lose the will over me, my vitality and my desire to do whatever, I'm happy for a moment and for very small things I get depressed, without real reasons I panic and feel a pressure in the chest, I disappoint very easy. There are some things that for more than thinking in a logical reason I can not keep under control

I do not have self-esteem, maybe because I've been a person exposed to abuse, you can tell me that my solution is to run away from home but my psychologist has told me that if I do it before finishing my treatment I can finish with my life and the truth is that I constantly think of suicide every time I can not do things right

I'm sick of words of encouragement actually, things like "think positive" is that I just can not, that's why I ask this question. All this time I've been told that it's my fault to feel this way, that everything is in your head and that I'm in control but I just want to die


It is not your fault and it is not in your head. Depression and other mental health disorders are caused from many different things, most of which are out of our control. My anxiety and depression started when my thyroid stopped working. Nothing in my life had changed, I had no history of mental illness, it just appeared out of no where. I struggled with the thought that this was all in my head, but after finding the right medical help it was quickly determined that I was going to need a combination of medication and therapy to get better. It has been 1.5 years now and I can say that things are definitely improving. I am still working with a psychiatrist to get my medication just right and a psychologist to work through the anxious and sad thoughts that creep in, but I could not have done this without medication. Please look into a psychiatrist, however this can take some waiting to get into one. In the meantime find a primary doctor that will listen to you and not tell you this is your fault. Most primary doctors will know a good deal about depression and can get you started or adjusted on your meds (if you are already taking them). It took four different medications before we found one that worked for me. It may be a little bit of a bumpy ride, but it will get better. I have been where you are and know that there are answers, and if the doctor is not listening find one that will!

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Thank you, you have opened my eyes. I have been told before that I should not feel this way because there will be people who are worse off, I know, but it is as if they completely ignore my state of health and that I need help.

Thanks for sharing your experience.


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